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Jun 29, 2011
Mar 4, 2011
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South Texas
Teacher & Caterer


Enthusiast, from South Texas

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Jun 29, 2011
    1. Bruce & Leeloo
      Bruce & Leeloo
      We'll be there 7/9-12
    2. acustic66
      Headed for first time Jul 10 -16. See you there. Look for a big Guitar Kite on the beach.
    3. jsf0310000
      These nights sound great - looking forward to it!
    4. lochty
      We will be there from the 13th till the 22nd July, looking forward to some fun.
    5. Sam&Stuart
      Hi I think we get ther at 1.30pm local time. We leave here at 9am though and it is an 11 hour flight so we will be falling asleep by the time we arrive, cant wait though :D
    6. Young_brit_couple
      Yeah, we had the same idea, and if our room is ready we will drop our stuff off then go for a drink and a wander round to get our bearings!!! We havnt got the orange bands, hav u?
    7. Young_brit_couple
      Hi, ditto... We cannot wait, this time in 4 weeks we'll up in the sky. We land at about 2pm and should hopefully reach the hotel by 4pm. What about u?
    8. Young_brit_couple
      Hi, Have you had any feedback about the theme nights? It seems you are facing the same problem we had on the July roll call with no one respoding. Its a shame cos a few theme nights would be fun and as we are newbies its abit harder to organise without the help of a few others :)
    9. DrinkinNotThinkin
      Sounds good we are there from the 9th - 16th. We went last year and had a blast. Let us know if you have any questions, we are glad to help out and will be sure to find you for a drink.
    10. Young_brit_couple
      Sounds like a plan :o)
    11. Young_brit_couple
      Or playboy bunny?
    12. Young_brit_couple
      Just an idea... what about a Hawaiian night??? it will be pretty cheap to put together an outfit!!!
    13. Young_brit_couple
      Hi doublej&t, we were interested in doin some theme nights but wen we posted a thread about it nobody seemed interested so we hav sorted out normal outfits to wear. We will however b participatin in the lingerie and white nights and would b up for goin coco bongos. Sorry but I hope u understand that it is quite expensive to go out and buy costumes and at this late stage we thought that as no one was replyin about theme nights we felt it was safer to jus bring normal clothes. I hav a sexy school uniform but my partner doesnt hav a kilt so if it was outfits we both already had it wouldnt b a problem
    14. KuffandVix
      we'll be there 5/14-5/ weather, we've been to TTR 3 times, mid may is by far the most perfect weather in our opinion. Come see us :)
    15. Ed & Susan
      Ed & Susan
      Fishing season for me in July...April is my one window until Oct. . Our 5th trip we love the place..Looking fwd to meeting Jess ( o.k. & that Bryan too LOL )
    16. doublej&t
      We wish. Jen's a teacher and we have an extreme amount of caterings in April! Everyone could go in July. Lol. And that Bryan guy and his wife can bring down a party. Just kidding. We love them both.
    17. Ed & Susan
      Ed & Susan
      Hey brother U should come in April , except for that Bryan guy we have a really fun crowd !!LOL
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    South Texas
    Teacher & Caterer
    We are a young couple with two children. We enjoy laughing and meeting new people

    reading, fishing & hunting, cooking, golf, we like to guess why people have certain tatoos, drinking