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Apr 3, 2014
Nov 5, 2011
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Apr 3, 2014
    1. Dragonsblood
      Its been 20 to 30 below this week, it is getting old.
      Send some of that warmth up here..
      Was great to meet you two..
    2. jon&lynn
      Was 68 when we landed in Atlanta
      In the 60s today.
    3. Netcruizer99
      Hey guys, its almost that time! Looking forward to meeting up with you at the pool bar - high noon! if not sooner. Let's hope the snow doesn't slow you down :)
    4. Dragonsblood
      Survived another week in the tundra..-7 today almost seems like a heet wave suppose to get up to 20 today..sick of moving snow..Later my friend..
    5. dnagroupride
      We have stayed in many different areas including above Patty O's and the sexy pool. Never had an issue with any of the locations. We travel with a sound machine and if needed turn it on. We are usually out late involved in the debauchery so by the time we get back to the room things are settling. More snow and cold today! February 18th can't come soon enough!
    6. dnagroupride
      Michigan is receiving all of Wisconsin's weather plus lake enhancement. Foot of snow in the last 24 hours with 40 mile per hour wind last night. Today, wind has softened a degree but lake effect has come and gone all day. Shoveled 4 times today and need to do it again. 24 more sleeps before escaping to TTR. To say we are in the need of warmth and sunshine is a gross understatement. Looking forward to meeting you. We spend the majority of our time at the sexy pool and Patty O's. Theme nights are a real highlight. Thinking about sexy outfits, dancing, sharing drinks with new and old friends provides energy to shovel. Keep in touch!
    7. John_n_Cindy
      Look us up! Can't wait...
    8. Netcruizer99
      sorry for the late reply. We're still debating about posting pictures. Both of our jobs are such that we are sensitive to what others think. But for the both of us, I have dark brown with latin descent (I should fit right in at Cancun :) ) she's about as gringo as you can get, with deep, dark, long red hair.
    9. nicennaughty07
      see you there Jay and Dee! The kid Rock is a fake Kid Rock, but we did meet the real kid that night back stage at his concert. What a fun night.
    10. Ready2party
      We will definitely say hi! You guys do the same. Have a safe trip down! Party in 6 days!
    11. Ready2party
      Its a lot like hedo. If you get a room near Paty Os it will be noisier. They play music all night there on some nights. If you get a room near the sports pool it will be quieter. Everything is easy to walk to and not hills like hedo! 38 days to go!
    12. Ready2party
      Hi guys. We also get there March 3. I think Steve prefers Sat or Sun for cruises but we can ask him. 59 days!!
    13. easyones
      really everthing in groups ,just join in away we go
    14. Ready2party
      Thank you! We have been to Hedo2 3 times. The rooms are nicer at TTR. We thought the food was better at TTR too. The night life is differnt. We like the structure at Hedo better than TTR. We also missed having a disco at TTR. However people do party all night long at Paty Os at TTR.
    15. Ready2party
      In all honesty you could party all day and all night at the resort. On the theme nights most of the festivities start around 9pm. They serve food at Paty O's all night. Mostly burgers and fries type stuff.
    16. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      cabo or Cancun??
    17. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      it will be our second time to TTR cabo in March. see you there.
    18. Ready2party
      Thanks for the friend request! Looking forward to meeting you guys in March 2012! Glad you liked my halloween picture!
      Laura and Will
    19. Dragonsblood
      Hope to meet U2..look us up
    20. Teach & Thong
      Teach & Thong
      Hey guys, here's to 2012!
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