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May 21, 2017
Feb 25, 2014
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North MS
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May 21, 2017
    1. drrock
      Yes Sir! We are in New Orleans working this week and just got some beads and a shitload of other crap to help get us lightweights through the gauntlet of booze, no sleep, etc. I can't wait to get there and leave all worries behind! We won't get to TTR until 5ish as the plane lands at 3:30 or so we'll prolly see y'all first at Patyo's..got a feeling this is going to be INSANE FUN!
    2. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      All ready for the 26th to get here? We are, got some 5hour energy, Gatorade and aiwc. Party time.
    3. mooresskm
      We aren't going to TTR this year. Heading to Caliente. Enjoy your trip though.
    4. drrock
      Hey 2cookies! Getting close huh? I look forward to seeing you guys and shout out if you see us too. We'll have on the orange bracelets. We won't get in until 5ish on the 26th..next Friday so we'll likely be checking out PatyO's as our first thing after dinner. Diana will be in white slacks..couldn't get her to wear any of the sexy stuff I ordered! lol! Can't blame her...some of it looked ridiculous.
    5. 2cookiemonsters
      Wahoo just a few more days! Stop by and say hello if you see us. This is our first trip to TTR too :)
    6. PAnLexKy
      Thanks for adding us..... Hope to catch up and meet new friends, we arrive 6/25-7/2
    7. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      I've added friends but I don't recall what I clicked to do it.. sorry. I removed you from friends and sent a new request, perhaps there was a glitch.
    8. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      I sure hope we aren't at the airport when you arrive! We are Robert and Kerrie by the way. Going on the boob cruise? We are planning to, tomorrow is the big booking day!
    9. Southerncharm
      Hi we live in Desoto County. It is our first time to TTR but have been other places in Mexico. There are swingers there but not all will be. We are looking to party and meet new people. Hope to meet you both and have some drinks!!
    10. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      We're 26-2, land in cancun just afternoon. Hope to see you there, maybe have a drink or 3.
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    Regional Sales Mgr, publishing
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