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Feb 14, 2016
Dec 27, 2011
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Duckman and Kelly


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Feb 14, 2016
    1. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Hey you two! How are yall? I take it yall not gonna make Ttr in April :( we sure hate that. Was hoping yall would be there for Paula's 50th bday party ! Maybe we can catch up with yall next year
    2. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      Hope you guys have a great time on the cruise, sounds like a fun family trip for all of you. We like the April to May crossover but miss our friends that go earlier in April. Right now the later dates work better for our schedule. Hopefully next year we will be able to see you guys again, definitely miss you guys. Take care and have fun.
    3. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      Hey guys hope everything is going well with you, are you guys heading to TTR this year? We will be there April 28-May 8. Hope to see you guys there and hope you guys are doing great.
    4. BnK
      We are fine - but did leave in a hurry! Sorry we missed you, I sent you a pm.
    5. two4funb
      Hey guys! Glad to meet ya even though it was brief! Hope to see you next year!
      Tina and Bryan Speed
    6. crn&dln
      We always like new friends, we've got 6 days and and haven't started counting hours but we're getting close. When do you guys get there. We will try and look you up and say hi.
    7. The Original G Spots
      The Original G Spots
      Always stop at the Big Walmart not the small one & pick up 2 bottles.
    8. no regrets
      no regrets
      we saved you two chairs by the pool under the umberella. good fun had by all. boobs cruise was crazy,crazy nice boat we had 76 people on the cruise and room 5314 last year 5511 you should try to get in that area close to pool not noisy short stroll to paty os all i did is ask at check in for rooms in the 5000 area enjoy your trip out till next year
    9. Two4theshow
      We like the way you guys think ;)
    10. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      I think we leave the resort around 10:30 on Saturday.. Not to terribly early ! Straight flight to dallas and we are staying in Dallas on sat night so we have plenty of time to sleep then! Can't wait to see you ! We will have drinks waiting for you :-)
    11. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      What time do you 2 arrive on Friday ? Can't wait to see you both again !! Of course we leave on sat.. Going to make for a long last night for us I do believe ! CAN NOT WAIT !
    12. BnK
      Hey Kelly,

      How could we forget you two? Yes looking forward to fun times in April again - we missed you there last year. See you soon.
    13. ShaneandJenny
      can't wait this is our first time at TTR
    14. Dani & Amanda
      Dani & Amanda
      For sure! We can't wait! This will be our 10th time (or something like that.. we stopped counting = )
    15. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      Ok I talked it over with myself and we've decided that you guys should either extend your trip or move it a week later. It just sucks that we will miss you guys again this year. We better hear from the other guests when we get there about how crazy that Dickson and Kellys were.
    16. RON AND DEB
      :-( sorry to be missing you
    17. RON AND DEB
      Looks like we are going to miss you by a couple of days, we are looking to book the 27th or 28th of April again :-(
    18. AngM
      Thanks I may take you up on that!
      Everyone seems very nice going by posts on here and Facebook, I had been a little nervous about going since I had no idea what to expect but I'm just excited now. :)
    19. RON AND DEB
      Not looking good for April, no time off then, but prices look really good for then...
    20. no regrets
      no regrets
      sitting in my chair shaking my head
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    Keep the faith Chinos! You are amazingly strong!
    April Addicts induction - 2011
    2nd trip - April 2012
    3rd trip - April 2013
    4th trip - April 2015!!!!!