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Oct 17, 2018 at 1:32 PM
    1. newtwo
      Thanks for friend invite. We are Kim and chris. See you there :-)
    2. scott/jen
      Please Call me broke my phone and lost your number
    3. cardinalcouple
      Hey guys. hope you had a good trip. We had a lot of fun with you the last night. missed the misses though. hope she got to feeling better soon. maybe we will overlap more next time. lol
    4. shawn_cindy_PA
      we had a blast hanging out with all of ya's. made our trip that much more better.
    5. James & Sheri
      James & Sheri
      Had a great time meeting you and hanging out, maybe we will run in to each other again sometime.
    6. Batgirl70
      hi guys. it was great meeting you in the "not so quiet pool." I was the quiet girl from England. Your jokes were terrible but I very funny.
    7. Shane & Beckers
      Shane & Beckers
      What a FUN week we had... It was so much fun meeting you and Buffy!!!
    8. James & Sheri
      James & Sheri
      Sure will thanks. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else in just 16 more long days!
    9. James & Sheri
      James & Sheri
      Looks like you guys are arriving the same day as us. Will you be going through Atlanta?
    10. ajay
      Have a blast guys!:lotsofmichaelfs:
    11. BandC1983
      Hi there, we will be sure to say hello, looks like we are arriving the same day too! We are Bob and Christy and hope to meet all the CCC people while we are there.
    12. happygolucky
      I know! Bill and I saw that you guys where going end of July being of Aug... we had so much fun last year!!! But looks like are schedule is open end of Aug..
    13. scott/jen
      How about the 30th for boobs cruise? 28th is school girl night and you know how scott gets fired up for it.
    14. scott/jen
      Still thinking about boobs cruise. Having trouble coming up with ideas for super hero night.
    15. scott/jen
      What theme nights are you guys thinking about? Are you thinking boobs cruse this time?
    16. drew_buckeye
      Thanks for the complement! It really wasn't much work to make up the theme nights once someone copied last years. I will try adding white night to July 31.
    17. scott/jen
      Hows the back? Missouri state asa archey tournment is in springfeild this year
    18. TNL15
      Hope to see you there. Our fourth trip and around the same time. Arrive from England on 18 July for two hectic weeks... mmmm
    19. drew_buckeye
      No problem about getting the black dress put on the schedule. It's probably one of the best nights because it doesn't make the girls stand out much if there are only a few people participating.
    20. cardinalcouple
      well we are leaving on the 27th so we won't see much of you all again this year. we will be in the sexy pool when you arrive though so come say hello and we will buy you a drink. lol
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