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Jun 23, 2012
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Oct 17, 2018 at 1:32 PM
    1. scott/jen
      Hope u had a safe uneventful trip home.
    2. happygolucky
      Have a safe flight and we'll see you down there Monday night!
    3. bradncrystal
      Can't wait! 1 more night!!!
    4. Stacia_and_John

      What's up fellow Aug. 14th Boobs Cruiser, we're going to have a great time, I betcha!

      We're really interested in how you got the nym you use -- which apparently doesn't have a damn thing to do with either of your names!

      Nothing is "required," of course, but if you see anything you do want to do, just pop into the August Theme nights thread (if you've not already) and let everyone know that you like Naughty Nurses night, or are going to skip the little black dress, whatever. Helps put it together! Here's what's going on around the 14th:

      Sunday, August 12: Naughty Schoolgirl & Kilt night
      Monday, August 13: Best Little Black Dress Night
      Tuesday, August 14: Dirty Doctors & Nurses night
      Wednesday, August 15: Ladies in Men's White Business shirt & Heels night
      Thursday, August 16: Lingerie Night
      Friday, August 17: White Night (turns into Glow Night, too)
      Saturday, August 18: Sexy Red Dresses Night

      See ya at the Sexy Pool!

    5. Stacia_and_John
      Well, hell! You gonna fit right in with us, then! LOL!

      Stacia is San Francisco and Mrin County California by way of Washington, Iowa (long story, best told with drink in hand at the swim-up bar at the Sexy Pool), and myself, I'm a big-time Houston lawyer (not really big-time, it just sounds neat-O to say), who actually grew up in Central Missouri (capitals intended because lots of my friends from high school at Smithton wen tto CMSU).

      So, spill. How's you land on the nym "Dynamark?"
    6. NYRose&John
      Hey there. When do u guys arrive at Temptation? We should be at resort by late morning on Mon the 13th, depending on the airport. Where are u from?
    7. Stacia_and_John
      If this is a bouble message, sorry. Weird PC thing just happened, which is ironic considering what we're writing about. Trying to work the computer system while inebriated can be difficult, challenging even! Saw you'll be with us on the 14th BC, who's who with you? I'm assuming the "dude" is Mark? But, who's coming with and where are you from?
    8. ChangoDeMadera
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