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Nov 14, 2018 at 3:14 PM
Apr 12, 2016
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east coast U.S.
self employed sales/banking


Enthusiast, from east coast U.S.

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Nov 14, 2018 at 3:14 PM
    1. GIN & RUM
      GIN & RUM
      Hope to see you guys, we were the same 4 years ago. Its all fun now.
    2. sunandfun
      Thanks for the comments!
    3. RobandAshley
    4. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Thanks for the picture comments!
    5. wehatesnow
      Unfortunately we won't be going for a few months. Enjoy your trip :)
    6. loopywoz
      Hiya thanks for the request ? See u round the sexy pool
    7. two4fun
      Thank you for the friendship request.
    8. MandEOntario
      Thanks so much for your pic comments! We love reading them together, and enjoyed your sexy comments. Hopefully the pics inspire you sexxies to post some pics also? Thanks again
    9. RobandAshley
      Welcome to the site!!!Thanks for the comments and maybe see you at TTR
    10. eastcoastcouple
      Damn.... Looks like you'll be leaving the day we arrive. May 7-11 for us. Give us an update if you have a chance between drinking, dancing, and romancing!
      1. Beaver01
        We are there 7-14 March
        Feb 6, 2018
    11. dnagroupride
      Thanks for the friend request. Only 9 more sleeps for us arriving on the 23rd for two fun filled weeks. Make sure to say hello! Join in to all the theme night activity at Patty O's! It is a blast.
    12. Kevin_Ailsha
      There are several on site restaurants that folks will wear cocktail dresses to. The theme nights are a great way to participate and certainly provide opportunity to show her off. The theme nights are located on the first page of the may roll call thread.
    13. eastcoastcouple
      Thanks.... I'll get the hang of it in time! I'm just not too tech saavy. I'll post pics when I can.
      And I'm sure my wife will get hit on while we're there. She is quite pretty. Both 50+ , but don't act like it, and she certainly doesn't look like it!
      Do me a favor and let my wife know what to pack!! haha. I'm sure I'll have her breasts tanned before we go, but how about evening wear? I want her to dress sexy the whole time we're there. I like showing her off....
    14. Kevin_Ailsha
      Also, if you post your messages on the profile page of the person you are communicating with they will get a notification and likely respond quicker.
    15. Kevin_Ailsha
      A lot of us have those concerns on our first visit. There are swingers there but most folks are just there to party in a sexy environment. We have been approached but never have they been aggressive or rude. Getting on here was a great first step to a great TTR experience.Posting profile pic will help folks put the name with faces.
    16. eastcoastcouple
      She has read negative reviews of the condition of the rooms etc. I'm sure she also thinks it's just a swingers resort. I don't care myself what other people are into. I'm just looking for some good fun "sexy" time away from work.
      Thanks for contacting us. Keep in touch with us. I'll have a ton of questions for you!
    17. Kevin_Ailsha
      Welcome to CCC. You have picked a great time. TTR is full and will be a great group of people there. What are your wife's reservations? We are there 6-11.
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    east coast U.S.
    self employed sales/banking
    Life long married couple, great kids, and two new grandkids. Love to vacation, Eat ,drink!