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May 16, 2018
Sep 23, 2013
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Warwickshire. UK
Professional Mad Driver ! / Finance Accountant


Addict, from Warwickshire. UK

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May 16, 2018
    1. Billyboyr
      Thanks Viv and Paul,

      Look forward to meeting everyone :)
    2. BaileyLee
      Hi There thanks so much for the information! We are both pretty excited to get down there and have a blast! Looking forward to meeting you both!
    3. CarolynNDavid
      Lol!!!! Yay! See y'all there!!!! Booking Boobs Christmas soon as we can!
    4. WillLFC
      Gutted Tracy could only get the last week in June off and with the new rebuild happening thought we best get something sorted haha, we are both great as well thanks hope you and viv are good, you will have to keep uS posted of all the shenanigans that goes on lol xx
    5. WillLFC
      Hey you two how are you both doing me and Tracy are going back June 26th for a week might see you both there. Will and Tracy xx
    6. Jckansas
      Hello look forward to meeting you both too, sounds like a interesting story to tell
    7. sarahlee
      We risked it and Booked online finally. Luddite no more. real bargain too :) £2218 for the lot. :) with carribean whorehouse :)
    8. LeeAnn & Gary
      LeeAnn & Gary
      Happy New Year as well!! We won't be there in 2016, we'll be in Holland & Paris for my birthday. We'll be there in 2017 for sure. Poor Chickie the chicken. love you both love, LeeAnn & Gary
    9. Simply2Dlicious
      Well hello Paul & Viv, thank you ! Jessica & I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas & very Happy New Year. Take good care and hopefully we'll see each other in 2016. We plan to return to TTR in May and Nov. All the best !!!
    10. sarahlee
      Hola P&V. We are fine thanks. Things are quite unreal here at the moment and very hectic. we live right next to the bridge that collapsed at Pooley bridge, she was just a tad older than you Paul at 251 years. The big clean up is on now and the whole county is mucking in, Back to it for me. Take care, Leeroy & Sarah xxx
    11. sammiwt
      We'll have the drinks flowing you won't even feel it....maybe a little
    12. sammiwt
      We'll do you one better we will pick up the drink tab for the week...you'll just owe us....lol
    13. sammiwt
      We will be there Nov 10th to 19th hope we get to meet you. This will be our 9th time
    14. LeeAnn & Gary
      LeeAnn & Gary
      Don't I know these people. It was so nice to see you both. I have pictures to share with you.
    15. danielandlynsey
      Hey guys, we looked for you when we left but couldnt see you round the pool. Great to meet you both and hopefully we will see you again sometime.
    16. TigDog
      It was so great to meet you guys and party with you all week. We had a blast....hopefully we get to do it again some day.
    17. James and Georgie
      James and Georgie
      Thank you xxx, first drinks on us ;-) lol. See you soon
    18. Mork and Mindy
      Mork and Mindy
      bet miss v is happy bunny tonight
    19. cj&wj
      Oh good :-D
    20. cj&wj
      Please have wet pussy ready for us! ;)
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    Warwickshire. UK
    Professional Mad Driver ! / Finance Accountant
    Vivien & Paul Been together 19 exciting years !

    Football/Soccer, Holidays/Vacations, Skiing, Sport , TTR, Fun.....Life !

    6th TTR visit coming up... 7nts November 2017 ( 7th - 15th), 7 nts Nov 2013, 14 nts May 2014, 14nts May 2015, 7nts Nov 2015 , 14nts May 2016,


    TTR 7th-14th Nov 2013, 14th-28th May 2014, 25th May-8th June 2015 . 12th-19th Nov 2015 . 26th May-09 June 2016, 7th-15th Nov 2017
    V & P xx
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