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Aug 22, 2018
Aug 4, 2012
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Washington dc

FKA 11"

Enthusiast, from Washington dc

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Aug 22, 2018
    1. Chitowners2009
      Hey!!! It was nice meeting you guys! I can't wait to go back there. I was thinking about the resort the other night! Hope to see you guys there again. Trying to plan our trip for next year already!

      Take care,
    2. FunInTheSunAmanda
      Hey guys, it was awesome meeting you two....We hope everyone enjoyed the trip and we hope that our path crosses again soon....


      Ed and Amanda
    3. Dreamers
      Hey folks! Good hearing from you. We'll make sure the dance floor is nice and warm when you get there. Take good care of yourselves :)
    4. Dreamers
      Hey Folks,

      How are you two doing? Really hope you had a good time at TTR last year. We conquered the water sports but have not done the hobyly-cat by ourselves - we'll do it this year. Hopefully we'll meet you both on the dance floor this year. Stay warm! Btw, we both said, "we need Elevenincher to show us how to work this hobycat thing." Cheers.
    5. Dreamers
      Hey you two, happy 2015! Hope our paths cross this year...cheers!
    6. hut91
      It is also great meeting you, and no,all
      we got was a tee shirt !!! But we had
      a Blast !!!
    7. aliveinlove
      Hey Guys, We met last year and shared a lunch on Isle Mujeres with Boob's cruise... Looking forward to another enjoyable vacation and seeing you guys again!
    8. Dreamers
      Sorry to hear our days don't overlap this year. It will not be the same without dancing next to both of you. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future.

      With that being said and I don't have to say it - party hard guys! Btw, because of you two, my wife and I will be doing all the water sports this year!

    9. FKA 11"
      FKA 11"
      We will be in full effect 8/10/14!!!!!!
    10. ChangoDeMadera
      hey guys! planning on going to ttr in 2013? We'll be there early june!
    11. Raulangie2009
      We had such a blast....I wish we were there again! How about you guys? :)
    12. Raulangie2009
      LMAO @ChangoDeMadera!!!! I chuckled when I saw the screen name...It's so fitting ;)
    13. ChangoDeMadera
      yes i miss u guys, but i think angie misses u more since she took part of the 11 incher lol :)
    14. ChangoDeMadera
      ahhhh you did it!!! love the sn!! We are here 5 more days - talk to you soon after we get back. I'll email you guys those photos :)
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