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Jan 11, 2011
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Eastern canada


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Sep 20, 2018 at 9:23 AM
    1. PAULnPAT
      Hi Guys

      We are looking forward to meeting you guys even though your Flyer fans we are big Ranger fans. :) We arrive the same day as you guys look for us and we could bury the hatchet between Flyer and Rangers fans and have a few drinks together lol

      Paul & Pat
    2. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Sorry to hear it we both wish you guys were going. All kidding aside if there is anyone I would give up my side of the bed to would be M. You still have time lol. Of course you would need to message my back in the morning after sleeping on floor. Baahaha
    3. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey G ! How the heck are you? How was your trip ?..Deb and I were both hoping you guys were gonna make it in April...I know it's pretty much all sold out but if you want to catch a flight....M can have my side of the bed and we can cuddle on the Rock
    4. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey you guys have a safe flight as well, see you guys soon.
    5. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      What do mean you guys lol? Like it or not your a part of it lol.....Actually we went in march last year so haven't seen anyone in awhile either.
    6. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey how is it going G? Loved your post yesterday but unfortunately that Jess girl just doesn't seem to get it lol. She ends up taking over every single thread including yours lol. So glad you guys are gonna make it, won't be long now. Cheers
    7. P&KL
      We look forward to meeting you guys and having some cold drinks by the sexy pool. We are Edmonton Oiler fans and will be there from the 12 to the 22nd. Kathy and I love your album.
      Perry & Kathy
    8. MandEOntario
      Hey there, nice profile shot... but you have too many teeth to be Bobby Clarke or to be from Flin Flon Manitoba ! lol ... been there many times believe it or not. We lived in Northern MB for a few yrs. When you see our multipage albums you'll find our team affiliation on the fur babies
    9. LandLORI
      Hey guys we just wanted to say hello. Looks like are at TTR at the same time. Just our second trip back to TTR. Can't wait. Missed the Boobs Cruise last time so it's a must this time around. See you there.

      Lori and Lance
    10. SteveandTerri22
      Looking forward to meeting you both this April! Steve and Terri
    11. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Sure hope all goes well ,we'll be keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers,your sure gonna enjoy a vacation
    12. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Yes it's the 15 we leave cancun , can't wait , sure hope Miggy is doing ok
    13. Mark & Heidi
      Mark & Heidi
      Thank you for posting. You look amazing in your pictures.
    14. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Omg..... That is awesome news!!! Can't wait to see you guys
    15. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Wow that is awesome news. Keeping my fingers crossed she gets that surgery date sooner rather than later and you guys make it. I will be looking for some updates .
    16. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey George long time no speak hope things are good. What's up with you and your beautiful woman for April?
    17. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Hey George , glad to hear that Miggy is done of her treatments , I don't know if I replied to you about our trip but it really was great, nice beach resort was clean and classy .we never had a single issue but I am seeing se negative trip reports from some that have just returned so either there picky or just had a bad week, take care and give Miggy hugs from both of us .
    18. FLYERFAN44
    19. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey George I'm assuming your on here lol...looking forward to it only because of the long shitty winter. Sure won't be the same without all of the awesome people we've gotten to know the last couple of years. Well give Miguel a big hug for Deb and I and hopefully we can hook up soon.
    20. slopoke3
      Thanks very much..... wish you guys were joining us. Maybe we'll see you early April?
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