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Jul 28, 2015
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North Carolina


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Nov 20, 2017
    1. smileyblueeyes
      Have you guys heard about the TTR Exiles- KC Party? It's Jan 20-21st!

      Here's the forum link...

      Here's the Facebook link...

      Event Tickets...

      Bus cruise is Saturday and $25 per person. Send money to reserve your spot to Laura via paypal. If you want to join that, message me and I'll send you her email.

      If you need a hotel room, let me know if you'd like one King or two Queens and if you are coming in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! It's looking like $95 per night.

      Thanks! Hope to see you!
      1. Forrest&Stacy likes this.
      2. Forrest&Stacy
        Totally missed KC, Dallas and prob the rest. Been a crazy several months, but - we are so down with 9/29 - 10/8 Octoberbreast :)! Hope to see you guys again soon@
        Mar 4, 2017
    2. Al_n_Kristie
      We had such a great time hanging out with you guys!
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    3. smileyblueeyes
      Did you see Tc123123 was talking about changing the sports theme to 9/7 instead of 9/8 so the girls can wear their suits at the sexy pool instead of on the cruise? I like this idea, but worried not all can keep up with every post in the thread. You have a mass email set up. Can you help spread the message?
    4. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      how much would it cost you guys to try and get an earlier flight, so you arrive in time to catch the BC??? THAT would be awesome if could spend the day together on the BC!!! Otherwise it's just dinner and PatyO's!! I just think that landing at 9:55 is cutting it to close and you won't make it before they take off! Maybe you could talk to Steve about it!?? Answer is always no until ya ask!! He may hold off 1/2 hour.....

    5. Forrest&Stacy
      877-485-8367 is for US and Canada. I highly recommend calling them. I pray all is good for you!
    6. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Glad things have worked out for you. We used Expedia, hope we don't have the same issues. Last year we used Orbitz, same CO as Expedia and had no problem. What phone number did you use to call Temptation to get someone who knows what they are doing?
    7. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      is it difficult to just rebook direct and get your money back from Bookit??
    8. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Hey how goes the Reservation battle, here anything more????

    9. Danna and Tim
      Danna and Tim
      Love the pics!!!!!
    10. sweetapples
      Good morning from Valley Springs Ca. .. See you at Temptations inOct. ???? .. Hope So .. Shots Shots Shots .. Susan Fred
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    Forrest & Stacy - Rolling with the Changes!!!

    1st - BBG 9/2006; 2nd - TTR 4/2015; 3rd - TTR Octoberbreast 10/2/2015 - 10/11/2015; 4th - TTR 9/3 -9/10/2016; 2016 GP Octoberbreast - cancelled :icon_cry:; 5th TTR Octoberbreast 2017:sunny:
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