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Feb 29, 2016
Mar 2, 2015
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Baton Rouge, LA


Addict, from Baton Rouge, LA

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Feb 29, 2016
    1. S&M280
      We will be there June 20-27. Can't wait.
    2. vic&effie
      Had fun in Nola. Thanks for the friend request. Will have to hang out sooner or later. Hope to see you two again. Vic!!
    3. FranKels
      We really liked our Fourth week group. We will see about the dates though. Somebody has to represent the end of the month of June!
      And yes that's the Chinos fundraiser. He'll be there, but Steve and Jannet won't be. They are going with the kids to Disney.
    4. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      New Orleans is fun...I guess that is the Chinos cancer fundraiser?? I think I saw the Junkies are looking for 11th-18th, so you might want to take that into consideration. We had fun, but have not really discussed any trips for next year yet. We still have 2 more vacations this summer to get through. Just here in the U.S. though with the family.
    5. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Sorry we did not get to hang...the first night we met you guys, Ang and I were taking a walk because her stomach hurt and had to decline the sports pool invite. Things did notn get better the next day, which was our last day there. I knew it was bad when she said cancel the massage plan as she could not lay on her stomach. Maybe next time.
    6. David_&_Ashley
      June 14-20 this trip will also pop our cherry at TTR
    7. David_&_Ashley
      Hey yall when will yall be at TTR.
    8. 2cookiemonsters
      Hi Sweeties! Yay! Can't wait for cookie time :)
    9. GinandSoda
      Wow.....I can't believe you even figured out what I was saying what poor grammer I have. I don't think I was even drunk.....I'm a board short wearer....Sarah is a "" or Wicked Weasel kinda girl. After seeing your pics I need some square cuts! You will be forcing me to step up my game. Update: our flights are booked now just need to book a room LOL.
    10. 2cookiemonsters
      Hi! We'll be there June 23rd - July 1st :)
    11. GinandSoda
      Thanks for the friend request! Will be great to meet you guys too! Need to step the Swim wear to keep up though (Norm here) LOL!
    12. DavidnJessica
      We're looking forward to the fashion show pics.
    13. jtandmm
      Hey y'all. Looks like we're all part of the small "4th week of June club!" I guess we'll just have to party that much harder! Can't wait to meet y'all.
    14. DavidnJessica
      Looking forward to it also. We will be in pool with first drink by 1030 yea!!
    15. DavidnJessica
      Just saying hi. Looks like we will be there same time we get in on the 25th through the 1st
    16. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Thanks for the friend request...see you in June. Can't wait to party with the Junkies!
    17. LesandJackie
      Look forward meeting you guys ...
    18. britun2
      Thanks for the friend request. Looks like we will see you in the sexy pool on the 23rd.
      Nic n Kev
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    Kelsey and Frank (a.k.a.)
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    NOLA bound for CMN in Sept 2015!
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