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January 24
Regina, SK


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Viewing thread Single guy review first two weeks in Sept, Nov 14, 2018 at 6:19 PM
    1. Son&Jon
      hey there, will be there on Nov 23, only for the day. Unfortunately staying at another hotel for the rest of the week. Will be our 3rd time at temptation, couldn't go to cancun without visiting. Hope to see you guys there. Have a blast
      1. freakygeek likes this.
      2. freakygeek
        Only a day? I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave. I'll keep an eye out for you two!
        Oct 30, 2018
    2. Cdnprairiegirl
      Hey there, what, no boobs cruise for you this year??
    3. ChrisandKev
      we can't wait for the 10th to come... a week at temptations!
      hope to see you around the pool!
      Plus we are on the April 11th boobs cruise with you :)
      dont' hesitate to say hello... we will get a pic up ASAP
    4. KNJP
      Should be a great time. Looks like the crew going that day is a lively one :)
    5. soop
      Hulk dance!
    6. freakygeek
      Yup we didn't get dumped on but we got the snow. At least if it feels like winter it feels like it's time to go to Cancun!
    7. Cdnprairiegirl
      Are you getting snow in Regina? I think we just had about a foot dumped on us in less than an hour…
    8. titsnink
      hey hey on the count down for us now seven days from tomorrow we will be in cancun and it cant cum soon enough getting tired of -40 weather here time to get naked lol
    9. itsf8
      Hi , looks like we are there the same time as you , hope to meet you :)
    10. HolaLola
      3 weeks girlfriend are you ready to ROCK?
    11. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      It's November....are you packed yet?
    12. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Your welcome....trying to meet and greet on line before we all get there! Just counting the days. 29 to be exact!
    13. Bambers
      yeah!! me too! I can't wait.
    14. HolaLola
      Looks like we will be on board with you for 2 parties this trip. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing fun in the sun. Nov22-Dec2 for my fourth time in Cancun. Always a fabulous week with good friends. See you poolside!
    15. StaceyChris
      My pleasure:). It's nice to meet and talk to peeps that your gonna get a chance to chill with! Say hi and mingle over a drink if you see us!!!
    16. LabradorCouple2732
    17. joecan26
      We arive on the 25th save os some drinks. Will see you guys on the boobs cruise as well it will be a blast im sure. Go Riders lol.
      Darwin and Alissa
    18. LabradorCouple2732
      Those moves won her Miss Temptations while we were there last year!
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    January 24
    Regina, SK