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Mar 28, 2010
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Upstate New York


Guru, from Upstate New York

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Sep 21, 2018 at 3:38 PM
    1. Doug&Val
      Hi guys, yes we live about 30 minutes north of downtown Baltimore and have had Ravens season tickets since they came to Baltimore. Thanks also for compliment on the pictures. Go Ravens and come on April!!!
      Hey,did you guys book yet.TRacy and I are looking at 12_19th.non stop 2200.00 out of oh are looks like deal to me.LEt us know if you guys are planning any excursions,or events so TRacy can prepare,see you guys soon.
    3. Spicy
      boo! I vote for 22-29 :-)
      Hi, i think we'll b there the same time. Cheers!
    5. Will
      Hey guys yes we will be there in April looking at 11-21st. Give or take a day depends on work schedule . We probably won't book till feb. Hope to see you two again
    6. matchandahalf
      I've I can clear my April calendar, I will be there the same middle part of April as you, as several of my fave people will be there then!
    7. matchandahalf
      It was a great time, Paul! But not the vibe of April by a longshot. Nothing beats the Addicts!
    8. matchandahalf
      YES! I am excited, Paul! Very perceptive of you, I must say! My naughty nurse costume arrived yesterday, so I am all good to go. It will be a long dry stretch til April after this trip (my vacays with Alexander do not involve alcohol nor 6" heels), so I will be cramming a LOT of partying into the next 8 days! Will definitely toast Monique for you on her birthday. :)
    9. texantrainer
      Thank you for the compliment and we greatly appreciate the support.
    10. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      I booked us in February for about $1200 each and thought it was a good deal. We just booked room and flight for $700 taxes in. I'm very excited to be going back. We just got a call from another couple who are interested in coming as well. Hope we can get a boob cruise in there.
    11. matchandahalf
      lol...I wasn't originally going to let anyone know I am a lawyer! People tend to like retired porn stars better than lawyers. :)
    12. bigsexy&misssexy2012
      thanks guys, it was a blast. we will be back next year!!
    13. Will
      Hey guys it was fun hanging with you two maybe we can do it again next year
    14. Fredmgill
      Oh yea! We can't wait. Keeping fingers crossed we have no "bumping" issues
    15. W8ing4thesunND
      See you guys Sat. night!
    16. Delicious
      See you guys at the pool!!!
    17. Fredmgill
      We do have our picture on Woody's list that he sends out. It's actually our picture from Halloween at Temptations. My wife is a "somebody" in education administration and does not prefer her picture on here. We do own a couple of timeshares, one in the Poconos and one in Myrtle Beach, this is generally where we vacation with our kids. We will definately say hello to you and as many folks as we can.
    18. Delicious
      We should defiantly talk when we get to TTR...I have some resorts that I think you'll.
      It's great for you and your kids.
      But you'll have to come find me since you don't have a pic up and I don't know what you guys look
    19. Delicious
      Looking forward to meeting you guys as well.
      This will be my 20th trip in 3's crazy how this place get
    20. fmscott
      Hi! We're looking forward to meeting you guys too!! Make sure to come over and say hi when you get in... I'll be the one with a long island in both hands lol! :)
      Frances and Justin
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