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Nov 3, 2017
Nov 17, 2015
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Nov 3, 2017
    1. Juan Castaneda
      Juan Castaneda
      Hey, would like to get in touch with you when in Cancun. We`ll be there Nov13-20
    2. Chelli
      HI! When are you going back to Cancun? Traveling there in early April....Kind of feel like a third wheel so always looking for singles to hang with....
    3. fjsone1
    4. MandEOntario
      You look like a doll...hope you had a great trip!
    5. JackMight
      Any trip to Temptations only requires a swimsuit bottom and a smile. Anything else is is only needed to eat in the resterants. So a few skimpy things is necessary at times but not much else. It really depends on what you feel comfortable in wearing and being seen in. So if you want to wear alot or alittle people will still be friendly and many others to drunk to notice. My wife came with a lot of cloths on our first trip but wore very little on our second trip.
    6. rlc9cheeks
      Hi Kiran! I'm Rachel. And there are no silly questions!
      This is the first time I'm actively attempting the theme nights. Usually i wear my normal clothes while still trying to match what I already had with that nights theme, such as a white top on white night, red top on red night, etc. I wouldn't try to rally and drive yourself nuts trying to find outfits for the theme's, just look in your closet and see what you have. BDSM night is the chaos crewe theme, but the resort theme for that night is little black dress, so you have some play there.
      Here is a list of the themes, with the resort theme 1st and chaos crewe theme 2nd:
      Nov 24 - Denim or Leather
      Nov 25 - little black dress/BDSM
      Nov 26 - lingerie
      Nov 27 - white
      Nov 28 - red
      Nov 29 - no theme/superhero

      The theme's really are easy to work with w/o a lot of shopping! The hardest one being lingerie night, If you have a silky robe, or even a long sleep shirt and cute pair of boy shorts you're set!
      Hope this helps!
    7. rlc9cheeks
      Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you at ttr!
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