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Nov 23, 2017
Aug 20, 2011
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July 28
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Enthusiast, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Nov 23, 2017
    1. Tytan450
      When u guys there we arrive dec 6
    2. TRACO
      Hey there...we are going back 7/26-8/2. Your name is posted on calendar for 7/28/12 ...are you not going then?
    3. Shane&Melanie
      We will be at the pool and look forward to a great Temptations vacation. See you there!
    4. Jeftam
      We are ready to go and look forward to meeting.
    5. thundt
      whats pool night? Costume night awesome ready.
    6. Face Down
      Face Down
      Whatever we want it to be....we make the rules as we go along. Looking forward to meeting you two!
    7. CanadianSweetheart
      Nice to see another Albertan couple going. We look forward to meeting you guys there!
    8. matchandahalf
      matchandahalf that costume! She got the hat too, right?

      Okay, I think we should start a new thread to promote Pirate Ho-lloween night on the 9th. I'm gonna go do that. "Summerbums" will join in for sure. Look for the new post and add yours there so we can get the ball seems the old post for October theme nights has died out? I will look for it again before starting a new one. I'll get Kris to at least wear the black pirate shirt I bought him. Maybe I can get him to wear a stick-on dastardly goatee too!

      Re: whipped cream: I say Ha! you'll be there a week before we'll be out of nitrous oxide for 6 days by then! lol
    9. Jojay
      Ya will bring our costumes we'll make our own Ho-lloween party if we have to!!!
    10. matchandahalf
      Oh cool! You guys are planning to dress as pirates at Ho-lloween on October 9th? I had about decided to leave my costume at home, as Kris is being a wet blanket about dressing up, and I hadn't seen much interest on the October theme night thread. But if you guys are up for walking the plank on Oct 9th, I'll bring my Playboy pirate gear, including massive feathered captain's hat and thigh-high boots! Check out my costume...I've owned it 2 years and never gotten to wear it: Playboy Scandalous Pirate Adult Costume - Costumes, 21968
      P.S. Googled that whipped cream stuff, but could find no info on whether it's available in Vancouver. :( Drat...Americans have all the fun!
    11. Raven911
      And the countdown begins!!!
    12. matchandahalf
      Hi L & J! We're celebrating getting along long enough to book...and actually take...a holiday! ha ha. Do we need an excuse for a holiday? ;)
      P.S. I'm jealous you get two weeks at the resort!!
    13. 21cancun
      See you Oct 8th!
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    July 28
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Travel, Camping, Skiing


    Funology is the quasi-science that asserts that fun can be studied, measured and replicated through experiments. Funological test beds include Temptations, where concepts can be analyzed and metrics can be applied to monitor the success of the tools and techniques employed.
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