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Apr 24, 2016
Jun 20, 2012
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Enthusiast, from Illinois/St. Louis Metro area

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Apr 24, 2016
    1. funto4play
      Taking a different trip this year, mostly stemming from health issues. So staying at a slower pace resort to relax and enjoy getting away from it all. Will be at Catalonia Royal Tulum 5/25/16-5/30/16. If anyone is going to be in the area at that time, send a message. Would love to come back to Temptations, but need to build up strength, energy, etc first.
    2. funto4play
      Unfortunately, due to some health issues, we are sadly not going to make it 8/29/15. I am sure we will try to make it back - even if it is around same time next year.
    3. Rudy and Debbie
      Rudy and Debbie
      Hey we will be there 8/28 - 9/6! See you there. Hope we get a chance to meet!
    4. Charly&Brannon
      Hey! We'll be there 9/4 - 9/12. Hope to see you guys on the 4th! :)
    5. Jimmymush
      Very nice pics!
    6. CaraEric
      looks like we will be there at the same time. Hope the weather works out! See you there :)
    7. ToddnMisty
      Wish we could have been there also. Just us and Cameron and Toni are coming back this year that we know of. Hopefully a few more will show up. It's been a very busy year and ready for a vacation. Great to hear from y'all and hope y'all have as good of a trip as we are planing on having. Have fun.
    8. funto4play
      We will be there 9/27-10/2. We are not planning to go on the boobs cruise this time. This is our 3rd year in a row and we took the cruises the 2 years previous. We have other friends coming in on Monday 9/29th. Can't wait - getting really close!!!
    9. Jim*N*Sherry
      Hi guys! I sent you an invite to our group for the week that we will be there. Also, are you planning on going on the cruise on the 28th? If so, please visit the thread that Chris listed below and let Steve know so that he doesn't cancel it due to low attendance. Looking fprward to meeting you both!
    10. Chris & Alicia
      Chris & Alicia
    11. Aguy6708
      Jack and Andrea from Boston.....We will be there Sept 27-Oct 4 as well! See you guys soon!
    12. Jim*N*Sherry
      Hi guys! Im Sherry. We'll be there Sept 27 - Oct 4. Its our first trip there. Thought I'd introduce ourselves. I can't friggin wait to get there!!!!
    13. Delicious
      I'm so glad you"ll be there on the 2nd. Steve's boob cruise is a blast!!!
      I'm looking forward to seeing you guys!
    14. Tc123123
      That's great! It's gonna be fun.
    15. Tc123123
      Yes there is a limit. I'm telling you, you guys need to be there it is going to be insane. The group that is going is really an awesome crew. Lets party together on a crazy boat.
      Tina and Claudio
    16. Tc123123
      Hey guys, we will do our best to convince you guys to come along.
    17. Tc123123
      Hey guys, thanks for the message we are also very excited about going back. Lets mke sure we meet up at the sexy pool For a few drinks
    18. cj and dave
      cj and dave
      Hi from the UK, 5 weeks 3 days, cant wait, countdown started,xxx
    19. cj and dave
      cj and dave
      Hello from the UK, arriving on the 18th Sept we also love to party,it's our play time for 2 whole weeks whoooo xx
    20. BnP
      Sure, I'll be your friend, LOL In your profile pic, it looks like Cory can't wait to share his drink with you.
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