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Jul 31, 2012
Sep 11, 2011
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Jul 31, 2012
    1. Johne
      Hey Tim hows it going since you got back to reality? Send me your email address and I will send you some of the pictures we took. Sure would like to be back in the warm weather again. Tell Candice we said Hi. Talk to you later John and Sandy
    2. Docnnurse
      were you guys able to view the pics?
      take care
    3. RandM
      Funwithus14 here's the theme nites I know of:
      Nov 3 Thursday-resort Lingerie Pj's party
      Nov 4 Friday-resort White nite
      Nov 5 Saturday-resort Pool party
      Sunday - birthday and glow sticks
      Monday- naughty school girl
      Thursday-temptation's lingere
      Hope this helps!!! Just bring all your sexy little costumes!!!~LOL
    4. Ready2party
      We know that 11/3 is lingerie. 11/4 is white night. 11/5 is the pool party. 11/6 is glow sticks and 11/7 is school girl. Hope this helps! We are packed and ready to go!
      See you there!
    5. Ready2party
      Hi guys! Due to Rina we rescheduled our trip. We now get there on Oct 31 and will be there until Nov 8. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Please say hi if you see us. We aren't shy and don't bite too hard! LOL
      Laura and Will
    6. RandM
      Hey!! yes we payed for the cruise this am~Steve just hasn't updated the list yet :-) Looks like we are gonna have so much fun...........we cant wait not sure if you saw but there are quite a few other couples incuding us that are doing additional "theme" nights while we are down there...............didnt know if u saw that thread!! I just hope we can get everything in!!! Booze and the sun always take a toll on the body............Im gonna need some energy and pills to keep me awake!!! See ya soon......Rhonda and Max
    7. rikmari
      hey guys think about cruise on the 5th it will be a great time....rik mari
    8. rikmari
      hi guys think about cruise on the 5th it will be a gresat time rik mari
    9. Ready2party
      Hi guys! We will be at TTR Oct 26-Nov 3. This is our first trip to this resort but have been to many others. We are getting very excited!
      Laura (and Will)
    10. Johne
      Hi Tim and Candace,
      This will be are second trip to Temptation we were there in March and had a blast. We are hoping to get a boob cruise organized for the 2nd or 3rd. The 3rd will be our anniversary. We are also looking to go on a day trip to Xel-ha and Tulum, looks like there is several tours that allows you to do both in one day. Let us know if you would be interested. Last time we had so much fun at the resort we really hated to leave. Where are you guys from? We are from Indiana. What time does your flight arrive? We arrive at 10:15 am. Hopfully we will be having a drink at the pool by noon!!! Will write more later and as soon as Steve opens up November we will get a date set for the cruise!!! John and Sandy
    11. funwithus14
      Hi!!.....Tim & Candace here, I agree, our paths may cross. We are not traveling with a group either...we've to Cancun a few times but this will be our first stay at this resort. Last year we stayed at the Cabo location and had a wonderful time!!! From what we hear the Cancun location is even more fun!!! We are really looking forward to it!! I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful time. See you guys there.
      Tim & Candace
    12. Kazliz1
      Hello!..Karen & Chris here, I see our dates co-inside, so our paths may cross. More new friends to make, doesn't get much better. This will be our first time to Cancun & TTR...sooooo excited!...Hope you don't mind have sent a friends request. We are travelling from Europe, not part of a big group so eager to turn up and see familiar faces!

      Karen & Chris..........................
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