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Apr 18, 2013
Dec 2, 2012
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Bismarck, ND
DJ & Promotions Director


Newbie, from Bismarck, ND

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Apr 18, 2013
      Hey guy..great pic
    2. P&B
      yes! great meeting you guys! hope to see you in 2014! Will be going for 10 days next year for more sun & fun and dare I say debauchery! LOL
    3. Lenni & Jodie
      Lenni & Jodie
      Hey, it was awesome meeting you guys, had a blast, hopefully we can do it again next year
    4. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      Have a safe flight. See ya their
    5. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      Better yet come on Saturday
    6. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      Unfortunetly not going on the cruise. Last boat trip we went on Kim was green all day, She's not very good on rough waters. Didn't want to risk it.
    7. LizSpruce
      Heading out on the 23rd.....cannot WAIT.....I have been on vaca in my mind for about a week now!!!!
    8. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      2 more days!!!!!!!!!! In the teens with the wind blowing now. Can't wait till Sat. We're thinking of taking a half day trip to the Isle and try some drinking their if your interested
    9. Tim N Jolynn
      Tim N Jolynn
      Out Mugs are packed too!! 33 hrs until takeoff!! Stay thirsty my friends. See you at the pool.
    10. VirtualTiffany
      Oh I hear you!! We leave tomorrow morning and I am having a real hard time focusing on home and work stuff lol AND we have a blizzard coming in Thursday ha ha! Perfect time to get the heck out of Kansas :D
    11. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      It's about 32 here and rain. Supposed to turn to all snow by night. Have you been looking at the weather in Cancun. First few days 85 high and 75 low. 0% chance of rain
    12. crissynchris
      It is already DRAGGING soooo much LOL... brain is almost in full vacation mode already!!
    13. VirtualTiffany
      Awesome! I'll see if Scott can get us on the booze cruise that day as well :) Looking forward to meeting you guys!
    14. Mr Kentucky
      Mr Kentucky
      Look Forward to meeting u guys, Its such an awesome place.
    15. VirtualTiffany
      You are going to have SO much fun!! This will be my third trip in two it! The 22nd is the day a group of us are going to Chichen Itza so I think we'll be gone from like 8am to 6pm. I'll have to look for you guys another time! I know we'll go on the Booze Cruise whenever that is and I plan to engage in whatever fitness activity they have in the morning while I'm there...have to counteract all that eating and drinking :P
    16. VirtualTiffany
      Hi! We will be there February 20-27...hope to meet you while we're there!
    17. CandyCookiesCake
      the clock is ticking! Do yous have your bags packed yet?
    18. StevenJulie
      -30? Crazy. I think +30 is bad. Actually, anything under +80 aint working right now. Soon, soon you guys. Took Julie Cancun shopping last night and..well...cant wait!
    19. Tim N Jolynn
      Tim N Jolynn
      Sounds great!! 3 weeks from today we'll be there. 3 weeks from tomorrow we'll be partying with you!! We're going to buy our bubba mugs lol
    20. Tim N Jolynn
      Tim N Jolynn
      Absolutely!! Were looking forward to it. 4pm at the sexy pool. So what does everyone do before 4pm? Seems to be the meeting time. Are they sleeping off hangovers lol
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