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Jun 3, 2016
Jul 22, 2012
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Enthusiast, from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Jun 3, 2016
    1. scott/jen
      Hope you guys are going to make it back this Aug
    2. Batgirl70
      hi, i'm going 29th July, one week. are you guys heading back this summer?
    3. Batgirl70
      hi was great meeting you all. maybe c u soon at TTR. take care. Jo
    4. GERnSYL
      Ya what a bummer. Thank god she is OK. That is the best news. Heading for the airport. See you in Cancun
    5. happygolucky
      Hey sorry to hear about your friends Mike and Luanne, were so bummed they can't go. So looking forward to meeting all you guys from so cal. Hope you have a safe flight... oh still going right? See you guys Monday night!
    6. GERnSYL
      Hi guys -

      We are going to participate in the black dress, men's white shirt, lingerie, and white night. The other couple will probably be participating in a few of the one's listed, but not sure yet. We are also going with MLB71782 (Mike and Luanne) who is on the board also. Three couples total for us.

      I did have a few questions:
      How do the Cancuncare theme nights work? Does everyone meet at PatyO's at a certain time or what? I know everyone will have different dinner times so I was just wondering (don't want to be the only one out there in theme with no one else around, at least no until I get a few extra cocktails in me!)

      Looking forward to meeting everyone. We are so excited.

      Sylvia and Gerry
    7. Stacia_and_John

      What's up fellow Aug. 14th Boobs Cruiser, we're going to have a great time, I betcha! Are your friends, the other couple, going to jump onto the boards and join the fun in planning stuff for theme nights, and all the rest?

      Nothing is "required," of course, but if you see anything you do want to do, just pop into the August Theme nights thread (if you've not already) and let everyone know that you like Naughty Nurses night, or are going to skip the little black dress, whatever. Helps put it together! Here's what's going on around the 14th:

      Sunday, August 12: Naughty Schoolgirl & Kilt night
      Monday, August 13: Best Little Black Dress Night
      Tuesday, August 14: Dirty Doctors & Nurses night
      Wednesday, August 15: Ladies in Men's White Business shirt & Heels night
      Thursday, August 16: Lingerie Night
      Friday, August 17: White Night (turns into Glow Night, too)
      Saturday, August 18: Sexy Red Dresses Night

      See ya at the Sexy Pool!

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