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Dec 6, 2016
Sep 3, 2012
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Gilles and Amy

Regular, from Cornwall, Ontario Canada

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Dec 6, 2016
    1. John&Debbie
      Yup! Debbie will be turning 40 while we are there. It's the reason for the trip as a whole. 40th birthday party! See ya there! You'll know us by my Corona cowboy hat. Just hit us up wherever you happen to see us.
    2. Jay9999
      See you on the boobs cruise on the 19th! When do you arrive at TTR? We arrive in about 12 hours!!!
    3. John&Debbie
      Thanks for the add. We're looking forward to meeting you guys and hanging out at the sexy pool.
      See ya there!
    4. kandl
      We just booked July 1-10!
      When are you guys cumming again?
      K@ & Loren
    5. kandl
      So glad we got to meet you two. Had a great time hanging out. Sorry we missed saying goodbye!
    6. Deleted
      El Dorado Royale. Recommended to us and has rave reviews. We can eat good food and drink, chill out and Fi can still go topless there which we're used to in Europe so wanted to make sure we went somewhere accepting.
      Obviously aware we an at Temptation but we wanted to ensure that any other hotel wouldn't kick up a stink and they've told us it's ok.
      So all in all, it should be lovely. And we still get at least one day of partying!
    7. Deleted
      We're not nervous at all!!! Quite the opposite! We want a party!
      We just needed a holiday badly and 10 days of partying didn't sound too relaxing so we chose a different hotel. If we could split the holiday we would but it's hard to do that with a package from the UK and it's not worth the 11 hour flight for a 4 day bender!
      Looking forward to meeting you guys too
    8. Deleted
      I know!!! Starting to wish we'd gone to Temptation but we'll have a great time at our hotel!
      Bet we'll be miseries as we dock an have skulk back off to Playa del Carmen!
    9. Gilles and Amy
      Gilles and Amy
      OMG, Two weeks and two days till party time!! Can't wait! Now it is getting close!!YAYA
    10. lisakevin
      Boobs cruise is booked! Hope you guys are booking the cruise,may need someone to rescue me after I fall overboard.
    11. lisakevin
      We're booked, 6:45 from Montreal
    12. Skip138
    13. Skip138
      Dee is a tad older than I. I'm not one to go telling a woman's age. She's a hotty, tho! Hope ya find us! First round's on me, as they say! :)
      I got a friend who races ahrma. Dig your car! I just prefer 2 wheels! especially if they're at least 5 years older than me... Wait till the brits see my tattoos! bet none of em's ever seen a brit bike tat on a yank! ;)
    14. lisakevin
      Booking on Friday
    15. lisakevin
      Hey guys looks like we will be having some cold ones by the pool in a couple weeks
    16. Skip138
      Sweet! And that just happens to be my 40th bday. The whole point of the trip! Go have the party of a lifetime to usher in a new decade! :)
    17. Skip138
      I think we overlap at least bit! We get in morning of 9.3, leave 9.8. Chomping at the bit to get down there! When are your dates, again?
    18. Skip138
      Thanks for the add!
    19. tony & fay
      tony & fay
      Look forward to seeing you there
    20. tony & fay
      tony & fay
      we get there on the 11th till 25th so will catch you for a day or 2
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