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B: Best job (Retired!) GG:Biomedical Scientist


Not spoilt, Privileged!, from Lincolnshire,England

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GG.....aka Temptation Miss Wet T-Shirt 2018..... Jan 4, 2018

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Oct 21, 2018 at 6:07 AM
    1. carcrz
      Looking forward to meeting everyone! Looks like we'll be crossing paths this time.
    2. budinsissy
      turning us loose on an unsuspecting public! should be a scream!
    3. budinsissy
      our next trip to ttr is april 29 to may 7ish. how about you guys?
    4. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Hey....hope all was well with your last trip. Some people on the November 2014 thread and the Sexy Sinaholics are wondering about getting "bumped" when TTR is overbooked. You think you could jump on the thread with a comment or two. You two are the only ones I know that like to be bumped (tee hee)
    5. loopywoz
      I can more else go any time I like we only booked for May just in case it shut in June , but we are looking forward to May as we are there for warrens birthday my friends wedding blessing and are 9 year anniversary ��
      They have asked us I the past to go to desire but we said no
    6. loopywoz
      Do you normally go in April ?
    7. loopywoz
      So we final get to meet in May
    8. waterdog1
      We sure wish that our dates could have worked out. We would love to see you guys again.
    9. hoss48
      We meet y'all several trips back at TTR ...And remembered y'all have been to Desire Pearl .. We booked a few nights at Desire Pearl in August after 5 days at TTR... Can you give us any information that might make our few days there more informed? Thanks for any insight to resort and do's and don'ts.
    10. budinsissy
      Sounds like we may at Ttr at the same time next april. A joint streaking venture around the sexy pool, perhaps? My wife begs me to keep my clothes on in public, but thats just a bit to much sometimes.
    11. sarahlee
      Your'e very welcome. us brits were out numbered at least 20-1 on our first trip which sadly ended last Saturday . what a fantastic place though. cant wait until next year :)
    12. FLB'S
      Will keep those dates in mind for next year we are also going Dec 4-12 of this year
    13. loopywoz
      When need to stick together we are the minority on here
    14. sillyleo
      What size did you get in that dress? I'm concerned about it being too short since I have a decent amount of hip and butt I'm only 5'4" so not all that much taller - but I sew and was thinking I may go for the biggest size and take in where needed - except I'm already having to adjust my school girl costume because I missed the return window and I'm getting sick of tailoring! lol
    15. Leopard Thong
      Leopard Thong
      Hi guys! Love the outfit. Hope your weather is better than our. Cold and snowy here yuck. Well hope all is well with yoiu both. talk soon.
    16. Mark & Heidi
      Mark & Heidi
      Your welcome and it's well deserved.
    17. Mark & Heidi
      Mark & Heidi
      Attractive cpl..:)
    18. Cdnprairiegirl
      I left your plastic champagne flute at the Front desk....did you get it?
    19. Mai Tai Memories
      Mai Tai Memories
      Nice new picture !
      It was great to meet you guys and spend a bit of time together. Hope the rest of your holiday went well.
    20. FLB'S
      Pleasure meeting the both of you and yes hope our paths do cross again. We are going again in

      April around the 14th for 8 days
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    B: Best job (Retired!) GG:Biomedical Scientist
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    86 days of Temptation, 43 of Desire, 32 of Pearl and counting.....
    See you soon!
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