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B: Best job (Retired!) GG:Biomedical Scientist


Not spoilt, Privileged!, from Lincolnshire,England

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GG.....aka Temptation Miss Wet T-Shirt 2018..... Jan 4, 2018

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Oct 13, 2018 at 3:55 PM
    1. BnK
      Looking forward to meeting you both. We're there April 15-29.
    2. GandC
      I'm glad I found it before our trip. It's made me more excited. Maybe too excited.
    3. GandC
      You make us laugh as much as anyone on this board. Thank you for making it even more fun.
    4. Trish
      Thanks for the request, I completely didn't realise we weren't already! You guys are brilliant, wish we'd got talking a bit earlier in November...longest conversation we seemed to have was waiting in the airport on the way home! I did however cheer the loudest when you were in the couples chocolate competition, so could be part of the reason you won!?
    5. Neil_Jo
      Hey GOGO you gonna put up an album?
    6. capncog
      Hey Guys, April is definitely gonna be a blast. Looking forward to meeting you guys! See you in six weeks! Bob & Cheryl
    7. Naughty Newfies
    8. JimCarrie
      Hope we get to share laughs @ TTR with Y'all...
      Still haven't had any volunteers to sport the "NummyNum-Nun" outfit, but not sure Mommabear or Matchandahalf have seen it yet so there's still hope, seeing as how GoGo hasn't volunteered yet... I just consider us all lucky to still get to see Blanco in that kilt !
    9. glenn/monique
      Yep Already have the naughty nurse outfit from September. Love to be a cop though but not sure I want to spend more money on it. For what it's worth the naughty nurse outfit was hot in September and I changed three hours into it. April is just as hot.
    10. Donald
      What are the benefits of being friends ?? lol
    11. Spicy
      So since we're not going to meet in Cancun (at least not until the fall, hint, hint) you are invited to visit me in Springfield, IL. I've been stalking your posts and you seem like loads of fun. (That's me speaking a little Britty, mind you, we say "lots" not "loads") So I'm inviting you because you seem like fun peeps, not just cuz of your accents. Although, PLEASE feel free to bring those with you! Springfield is the home of Abraham Lincoln, the capitol of Illinois, and 90 minutes from St. Louis and 3 hours each from Chicago or Indianapolis...
    12. Mommabear
      Oh I have no doubt you will be smokin hot the whole time there. Look forward to meeting you both. Carol
    13. Anastasia22
      You're on lol. Think we may be out numbered :)
    14. moorgateblade
      Hi, it was the Wednesday night of our 1st week. Really, really packed...not just inside but all over the place outside. We went in Hooters on the Saturday and the queue outside Coco's looked just the same, if not worse. Didn't spoil anything, we've had an awesome time. Ended up getting naked in Nice Shoes on the Anything Goes Night and then again at the Sexy Pool for the Battle Of The Sexes...if it's a competition you have to take one for the team 'lol' Hate this weather that we've come home to. Bloody freezing :-(
    15. Donald
      I WILL be at the pool, as long as i don't fall into the first night curse.
    16. Lee and Gail
      Lee and Gail
      Thanks for the message. Will be great to see some fellow Brits at TTR. There were a few there last Feb - nice people but quite reserved. Web didn't know anything about the April Addicts when we booked but it looks like a great group. We really enjoyed it last time so hoping for the same in April. Look forward to meeting you.
    17. BostonMel
      Typically we go to Negril. Been all over Negril, the beach to the cliffs, all inclusive and reg lil cheap hotel. What cha interested in? All inclusive? Romantic? Party? We've done Hedo many times. Love. So let me know what you are interested in? I've done Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay. Next on my list is Port Antinio then St Elizabeth. I'm a Jamaica junkie
    18. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Hi just came across your pic and said hey, we know them. It was great meeting you in November and hope to see you at TTR again someday. I think we are trying for same time this year.
    19. Karen and Rob
      Karen and Rob
      We're from the Midwest though currently residing in Alabama due to job transfer. I suppose I need to put more in our profile!
    20. Sea Sun Fun
      Sea Sun Fun
      you have been very unlucky. We go every year in June (this year it will be our fourth time) and stay for 7 to 12 days and never had rain or cold weather even once. The architecture is awful but we don't tend to go around looking at the buildings :-) We stay at the campsite in a rented mobile home (new, modern, clean and very comfortable) so we usually stroll in the late morning for some fresh bread and just relax in our little garden with books until afternoon, go for walks and swims at the beach and then party until early morning hours so we are never up too early :-) Afternoon foam parties are great! It's so hot we tend to eat very light breakfast and lunch but we go out for a meal in the evening - there are good and not expensive options. We simply love it.
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