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Dec 9, 2017
Sep 9, 2011
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SouthEastern Ontario Canada
Him-career fire fighter ,her- PSW


Enthusiast, from SouthEastern Ontario Canada

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Dec 9, 2017
    1. smokey
      Didn't get to go this year, a major road closing cut our district in half and all vacations were held during the closing, hope to have the bridge replace in a couple of weeks. Smokey
    2. bigdavey
      have a great time and let us know about your trip when you get back, we had planned to go in Nov however work issues changed that. Heading to North Carolina istead and moved the trip to Temptation Cancun to January. have fun
    3. goldwinglion
      DEPARTURE DAY!!!!! Come on 4:50 pm To all the people who we've met on the forum...see you at the bar!!!!! and yes Steve is going topless
    4. Tomster
      p-town must have been a real "experience" lol
      we are about 45 minutes from mashpee. Realy looking
      forward to this trip, see you there. Tom & marilyn
    5. goldwinglion
      Down to 1 day and 1 sleep if you can call it that. the last three nights have been pretty restless....YESSSSSSSSSS Shelly's done her course and just got a job and is ready to PARTY!!!!!! ( what a relief ) Steve... well he's just ready to party LOOKIN FORWARD TO MEETING ALL THE NICE PEOPLE FROM HERE!!
    6. Cancunfuntime
      Canadians Are so hot!
      My mom, who is from Canada always told me this.
      Guess I had to find out for myself!
    7. goldwinglion
      HI AGAIN!! Thanks for checking in on us. Don't be shy, stop in, private message us and say hello , we won't bite!! LOL Can't wait to chat with all of you around the sexy pool or in it. The first round is on us. No really it is LOL Shelly/Steve
      I thought I would bump this to the top of my messages for your convenience
    8. bigdavey
      We go to a few races every year,but have not been to Watkins Glen yet. We will miss the Texas and Pheonix race in the chase because we will be at Temptation Los Cabos. We will be home to see the last race at Homestead. Looking forward to another trip to Temptation Los |Cabos
    9. goldwinglion
      Yes we go to at least one race per year sometimes two. I work as a pit road fire fighter at Watkins Glen. The chase looks like its shaping up quite nicely. I guess I will have to pick my weekly pool picks early and tape two race in Nov. Still to early to tell who's going to win.
    10. bigdavey
      I see you are Nascar fans, what do you think of the Chase so far this year and who do you think will win in 2011. Do you go to many races?
    11. Brendan and Gerry
      Brendan and Gerry
      yes i Go I have been 10 times it so much fun each 1 gets bigger and bigger
    12. justhavinfun101
      Belleville here too....definitely have a drink together...will b there on Nov 8th - 16th
    13. goldwinglion
      Thanks for stopping by ... Stop in say hi and we'll buy a round or two in return at the pool LOL Our dates are Nov 6-13/11 . Were looking forward to meeting new friends!
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    SouthEastern Ontario Canada
    Him-career fire fighter ,her- PSW
    like to live life and have fun doing it

    working out, reading,Riding our bike, meditation related things, NASCAR, sports, sex
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