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Jul 11, 2018
Mar 8, 2010
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January 21
Booze business


Addict, from SC

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Jul 11, 2018
    1. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      Hi guys, we'll be there June 11-18, so we'll see you all at the pool!
    2. ChrisandKev
      Mmm jello shots! I love malibu rum, just sayin' ;) and for sure we'll have our orange on too, we are also going to wear our name necklaces we bought! I neat idea we decided to try out this year!! Chris and Kevin
    3. ChrisandKev
      Great! We'll be on the May 5 and 9 cruises, but doing the theme nights those days too! :) and Thank You so much for the vote!! see you soon! Chris
    4. ChrisandKev
      Hey - We arrive May 4 - 11 for our second trip to TTR !!! Chris loves to dress up for theme nights and we are always looking for fun people to party with around the sexy pool! Make sure to say hello if we don't see you first :)

      Will you be taking part in the theme nights as well?
    5. brent&kells
      hey definately does pay off to be polite and patient. at some point when ttr is busy they will have to give free upgrades so we just figure theyd be happier to give them to people they like rather than wait and be forced to givs it to some a-hole......we simply told the timeshare people that we were meeting a group of friends and that we know about the timeshare and are really not interested. i think the key may havee been that i mentioned timeshare when they were just saying they wanted to give resort info.
    6. Jason&Jackie
      34 for us...feels like an eternity. I wanna go now!!
      Can't wait to see you!! :)

    7. SD_Couple
      Getting closer..... Almost single digits in weeks.
    8. Jason&Jackie
      :aktion030: :aktion030: :aktion030: :ass: :flash: :ernaehrung005:
    9. SD_Couple
      HAHA!!! I still haven't even started on this years. I'm thinking I might not go big this year... maybe just be simple... but it will be purple some how... lol. I can't wait to see you guys again and party our asses off!!! Remember this is both of ours last year so we have to make it epic!!!! Enough to make the memories last to get us through not going in 2014. Miss ya tons!
    10. HereComesTrouble
      Looking forward to meeting you both! :)
    11. Cdnprairiegirl
    12. Cdnprairiegirl
      When you purchased your wine in Cancun was there a decent white wine selection? My favourite white (right now) is Caymus Conundrum - what is a comparable wine that I can find in Cancun?
    13. gothedistance
      Pj, we were just there.. 7/21-29 2012... you must have us mixed up with someone else! Before that our last visit was 6/2010
    14. PJandKath
      You guyss were at TTR when we were in June 2012. Such a hot couple. Would have loved to get to know you much better than we did. ;) but were never sure off you played or not!
    15. SD_Couple
      We are extremly excited. Wish it was Friday already. Can't wait for you both to get there and meet you in person. See you at the pool.
    16. Jason&Jackie
      See ya soon!!! Looking forward to meeting you guys!
    17. gothedistance
      Now it IS July! only a few more days!
    18. SD_Couple
      Is it July yet?
    19. Dave and Ellie
      Dave and Ellie
      coming is good! see you in a couple days...
    20. gothedistance
      ok, just requested to join the yahoo group! my yahoo profile is not up to date though it says I still live in NY.... im a southern girl now!
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    January 21
    Booze business


    Kev and Danny-TTR 4 timers-6/10, 7/12, 7/13, 5/15 (solo-D), 6/15
    #5 planned 7/14-21, 2018
    "Temperance, like chastity, is its own punishment"