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Oct 15, 2018 at 10:33 AM
Apr 13, 2014
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State of Jefferson
A necessary evil.

Guido and Blondie

Paty'O Panty Patrol, from State of Jefferson

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Oct 15, 2018 at 10:33 AM
    1. tcomp8
      Me and Brittney are checked in for the cruise on 5/7!!
    2. tcomp8
      Is there room for 2 newbies on the boobs cruise on may 7th?
    3. Simply2Dlicious
      We'll be returning Nov 14-21 as we couldn't get any other week together. I think Halloween would be awesome, perhaps 2016. What is HnH? I do hope we'll meet at some point.
    4. RicknAmanda
      Thanks for accepting guys! We'll see ya on the 6th. Amanda's probably going to wear the same bottoms she wore for the bikini contest so we should be easy to spot.
    5. Simply2Dlicious
      Thanks for the friend request. We enjoy your posts ! Sorry we'll miss each other in May - certain we'll cross paths at some point ;)
    6. Kevin_Ailsha
      We brought two the last couple of times. Inflated and brought them to the pool on day 2. Funny thing is when time to deflate for trip home was amazed how strong of an alcohol smell the air was that came out of patty! Patty will be making her 3rd trip in May. Don't know how she has survived.
    7. Kevin_Ailsha
      Seeing the pic of the 3 dolls posing in your room comfirmed that ya'll are that couple. The one we love to party with having all the hilarious props and shenanigans. We will have to get our dolls together for a play date! Lol
    8. loopywoz
      16 days :) till we will be partying !
    9. Randy&Kay
      hey, when ya'll going in November? we are like 5 or7 to 14 Started a Naughty November Crew and asked steve to change to NNC role call and get theme nights started.
    10. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      We go early-mid May and again for Halloween with Hotties and Hellraisers.
    11. Kevin_Ailsha
      Thanks for the request. Do ya'll visit TTR any other times n the year?
    12. Kevin_Ailsha
      Lol. I'm a typical southern white boy. Get the booze flowing and I get the happy feet on the dance floor!
    13. Kevin_Ailsha
      Can't wait to meet you two. Looks like will be easy to spot each other. From what you say sounds like we will be the guys sweating the most at Paty Os! Lol
    14. J_and_B
      It's from Havasu! Lol
    15. ChrisandKev
      The days seem to be going by so slowly ever since we booked our trip haha

      Yandy order is going in tonight so trying to make sure we haven't missed anything :) Pirate night seems to be bust for us as well... but every other night we have something planned or at least an idea!

      May 5th boobs cruise looks like it will be a very good one! Just wish i was at the sexy pool now! lol
    16. DEEREMAN
      So ready for next month to roll up!!! Can't wait to meet all of you may people
    17. dnagroupride
      Arrive on the 24th of April and depart on the 4th of May! Can't wait to party with everyone! Finishing up theme night outfits and opening up the suitcases.
    18. JEN-ERIC
      Oh I see yeah we did the same dates this year hoping everyone else would too
    19. LadynTramp
      I think we need to amend dates...........when are you cummming?
    20. ChrisandKev
      May 4th can't come fast enough! haha

      we are trying to figure out our theme night outfits right now... hope we aren't the only ones wearing them :)
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    State of Jefferson
    A necessary evil.
    We are a fun couple that thinks we are still in our 20's. And sun and water makes us horny. LOL

    Travel, motorcycles, skiing and water sports.


    Guido & Blondie: HnH 10/25-11/1 DRM 11/1-4. Past: Mayhem Phuckers '14, '15 & '16 HnH '14 & '15, Wrecking Ballz '16, DRM May '17.
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