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Mar 20, 2018
Jun 13, 2011
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Northern CA
Melissa is a Realtor Bill is a Crazy bartendar


Regular, from Northern CA

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Mar 20, 2018
    1. RedSkiBums
      Tick fucking tock...... c'mon Sexy Pool!!!!!
    2. Dannyvon
      See everyone soooooon!
    3. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      Nice to see some other NorCal people will be there. We carried the flag alone in May.
    4. aragincajun
      it looks like we are neighbors and will be at TTR at the same time:aktion033: please say hi and have a drink with me....charlene
    5. jimnloli
      Hey guys! Thanks for the friend invite! Looking forward to meeting some time! Our next trip is Halloween
    6. Dynamark
      I hope you guys can come the last week in July. We would love to see you again.
    7. scott/jen
      Had a awsume time in Aug.
    8. Stacia_and_John
      You should do it, it's great! Especially if you enjoy being at TTR, but with the possibility of going with your days to other places using the RCI, it's a no brainer if you like to travel and can swing the deal financially.

      BTW, did you guys get any pics from the boobs cruise? Remember, my camera did a deep sea dive. LOL!
    9. Stacia_and_John
      You bet, had a great time as well. Still trying to recover to go back in October....

      Wow. THat's only like 5 weeks away already.
    10. Dynamark
      It was a blast!! We too hope our paths will cross again because we WILL be back! You guys take care and keep in touch.
    11. bradncrystal
      We also enjoyed spending vacation with you! We will keep in touch, our email is cacbwc@gmail.com. Once we go through our pictures we will forward any we have you guys!
    12. Sharon_and_Ivan
      We also have a couple of pictures with you guys, so let us know if you'd like us to email them, etc. Ivan
    13. Sharon_and_Ivan
      Hey Guys! We really enjoyed meeting you both and hanging out with you! Hope you had a safe trip back to California, and hope to see you again sometime! Stay in touch! Sharon and Ivan
    14. Stacia_and_John
      Thank you very much. Stacia's a brunette now, so don't let that cause you to miss us. I'm tall (6'3") she's not (5'1").. I won't be able to recognize any pictures, so you guys feel free to come right up and introduce yourselves. Make sure you bring your husband along, LOL! Avoid drama at all costs, that's me! We're going to have a great vacation. See you on Monday.
    15. Dynamark
      Looking forward to it.
    16. Almightyrooster
      This will be our first boobs cruise, should be a great time.
    17. bradncrystal
      Thanks! WE CAN'T WAIT!!! See you soon!
    18. Stacia_and_John
      I was actually thinking of picking up 6, LOL!

      A package each (comes in pairs, I guess?) of the Chocolate, Caramel, and Vanilla flavors.

      I can personally attest that the chocolate one tastes wonderful when licked off of Stacia's, Terri's, Tonya's, Trish's and Angie's boobs. I can remember that many.... I hear tales that it works well in reverse, though guys don't have boobs and ended up with some stains on trunks if they were too bashful o pull them down or off. LOL!

      Crazy fun time. Thanks for the message. I think we'll be OKK wth what we'kll have.
    19. jeffofhope
      I am so excited to meet you two. Looking forward to fun times.
    20. bradncrystal
      Hey! We are down to 10 days and can't hardly wait! We'll be looking for you! You know how to find us!!!
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    Northern CA
    Melissa is a Realtor Bill is a Crazy bartendar
    we love tennis, baseball, hanging out with friends, wine tasting etc.


    :aktion033:Melissa & Bill Aug 2011, Aug 2012 , Oct 2014!