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Dec 8, 2018 at 11:24 PM
    1. shinerfrog
      I checked with Dawn, and she will be setting up a new event, June Junkies 2016 soon, and I'll get you added to that. I can't find the 'old' event, JJ 2015; its not showing on the events list. I'll keep digging. It was fantastic seeing y'all again! And Lorie says thanks for the BDay wishes!
    2. shinerfrog
      Sorry, we were out of town for Lorie's birthday. I have sent you a friend request, it's from Tom n Lorie.
      Hillary recovered ok? ;)
    3. shinerfrog
      Oh, I'm sure we will be at Paty'O's. To try and get a particular room, we have made a note about it on the pre-registration on line at TTR's website. Then ask again at the desk. There are no guarantees though, especially in the middle of June, the hotel is pretty full. This is our second year during this time of June. We could not make late June last year due to Lorie's school schedule. The people during this time are great (as all people here are), so yes we know quite a few. There are several June Junkies that live here in the DFW area. See y'all in about a week!!!
    4. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      Hey guys! Thanks for the message...We'll be there June 11-18, so we'll definitely see you guys at the pool, so come say hello!
    5. shinerfrog
      That's awesome!
      Go the the ccc thread for the 19th cruise and ask to be put on the waiting list. There are always cancellations , and folks with hangovers that are no shows. Well keep our fingers crossed for you. We're not on that cruise, as we head home that day. Keep us informed on your arrival time and we'll be looking out for y'all!
    6. 1funcpl001
    7. Raelynn
      Yep we go every year. We were there in 2012 as well! The only year we have missed was 2013. When are you getting there? We have a blast every year!
    8. shinerfrog
      No, we did that one year, but all the other times it has been a regular room. We felt the same way about the cost ourselves.
    9. Stacia_and_John
      Not in June, no. We're going to St. Martin in May, but back to Temptation in October for Octoberbreast (4 thru 11). Saw the PM and answered your question, by the way...
    10. shinerfrog
      Hi there! We are going June 11-19. It would be awesome to see you guys again!! There is a huge group of June Junkies going in the middle of the month, it should be a wonderful time. Last year we had two cruises during the week, and with the number of people increasing, it will be at least that if not more. Fingers crossed that our trip overlap!!!
      Tom & Lorie
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