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Sep 21, 2017
Nov 30, 2014
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Enthusiast, from East Kootenays, British Columbia

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Hellbilly was last seen:
Sep 21, 2017
      Hi there Hellbilly!! Was just curious when you two are heading back to TTR?! We had a great time last year, as usual so we are heading to our timeshare in Quintana Roo, bout an hour from Cancun. We will stay there from February 20-26, and rest up...enjoy the sun and surroundings....THEN head to TTR from 26-5th March. February has 29 days in 2016;);). Gonna be at TTR for 8 days!! Looking forward to our 4th trip!! Hoping you guys might be heading down...always nice to meet and get to know some new friends!! Let us know, and take it easy...or any way you can get it;);) (TTR does that to me)!! Haha
    2. tflexxin
      Just read your trip info about the guy dry humping your wife's leg. I'm curious what you did about it? Seems like a LOT of people tend to let things go that I wouldn't dream of letting go....
      Thanks for the friend request!..Look us up around the sexy pool! We'd love to meet and have a cold one! :)
    4. thekayssandr
      look us up at the pool
    5. eric ride
      eric ride
      Cant wait to meet you guys, you sound identical to us last year for our first visit!! it is extremely addicting, get ready
    6. P-n-J
      You two will get there a few days before us. The people are awesome. We get in on the 2nd and will look for you two to say Hi.
    7. Tony from CaliBay
      Tony from CaliBay
      Looks like we are at the crazy resort at the same time. I will be sure to say hello and hopefully we can toast a bunch of drinks! Lol;) have a safe flight!
    8. ducesrwild
      Hi and welcome to the fun - You're in for a blast! We were in the same place last year (first time).
    9. Hellbilly
      We will definitely say hello. Have another couple joining us as well.
    10. Randy&Kay
      expect the time of your lives. come say hello and party with us!
    11. Luv
      It takes a day to adjust but the resort is fun. Sexy pool in the afternoons and Paty'O at night is the two main places to be -besides room parties, hot tubes or the shows. We are going to be there Feb 25. 2015
    12. Randy&Kay
      hi guys!
      Saw yawl will be there same time as us and just wanted to say hi
    13. MandEOntario
      looking hot you two
    14. Hellbilly
      We are really looking forward to our trip. Not sure what kind of crowd to expect but any tips are most welcome.
    15. Luv
      We recently returned from a trip to TTR and really enjoyed it. We are going back in Feb 25 and it should be a rocking time. We now know how to save chairs by the sexy pool and how to play without drawing attention to ourselves - well kinda - ok maybe everyone knows and we just hide from the security guards!
    16. Tony from CaliBay
      Tony from CaliBay
      Hello HellBilly! When do you head to Temptation or did I just miss you?
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