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May 30, 2016
May 3, 2010
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Guru, from Ware, Hertfordshire, UK

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May 30, 2016
    1. Dreamers
      Hey Guys,
      Loved the music during your DJ night! The crowd moved to the melodic sounds of "Hothertscpl". It was hypnotic! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your music revolution. Hope to experience it again with you!!
    2. akaAHotWildCpl
      Body shots! Karen and Lucky
    3. JustNik
      Hi!!! I'll be with the Fireball group!!! I hate this thing... I'm not a newbie.... I've been to TTR 10 times!!! Lol!!! But I still expect shots from you!!!
    4. am2012
      Looking forward to it!! Shot are definitely in order!! I wish our trip could be as long as yours :-(
    5. Simply2Dlicious
      see you at the sexy pool !
    6. Dreamers
      Hello! Can't wait to meet you in May. We've enjoyed your music thread so much...hope they let you take over at Paty'Os for a bit. Let's share a toast...or two or three...cheers!
    7. 2sunburned
      Hi! Looking forward to birthday shoots and meeting you. Sal & Lisa
    8. dave and nicole
      dave and nicole
      Hey how's it goin. Me (David) and Nicole have been goin for 3 years now, this will be our 5th trip. We can't wait to get don't there. Come say hi at the pool
    9. KYCouple15
      Hey guys it's good to hear from you! This is our 2nd trip but I'm sure not the last one we love it there and all the great people can't wait. Would love to celebrate and have a drink with you all! See ya there
    10. Trev&Deb
      More Brits for the pool, look forward to meeting you guys X
    11. jrbirchfield
      Yep see you at the pool, we have two other couples from Seattle coming as well!
    12. JAZZY_JJ
      Missed u guys last year on your world adventure trip but glad see that we shall have the post party in MAY!! Lol... See u soon!
    13. ChrisandKev
      The days seem to be going by so slowly ever since we booked our trip haha

      Yandy order is going in tonight so trying to make sure we haven't missed anything :)

      Make sure to keep an eye out for us on the 4th when we arrive mid afternoon... We should start our trip off with a shots! haha

      Are you doing the May 5th boobs cruise with us?
    14. FUNCOUPLE23
      See you there!
    15. ChrisandKev
      we are returning for our second trip May 4 to 11. We are looking forward to meeting some of the great people that make up the May Mayhem group! Hope to see you in person around the sexy pool
    16. Darkandlong
      Hi,thanks for accepting,look forward to meeting you guys too.
      Will get the first round in lol
    17. hisnher432
      We will be sure to come celebrate and have a shot with you! Lookin forward to meet in y'all.
    18. Ange and Graeme
      Ange and Graeme
      Well we will be ahead of you in the Rum stakes then lol. See you at the bar ;)
    19. scottydog
      We used to go in February...our friends are all there now having fun. May is such better weather, but it's hard to wait. We'll be there to help celebrate your arrival!
    20. kristinanddoug
      Can't wait for May, hope to see you two on the dance floor at Paty'O!
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    back again from 11th to 25th may

    house music, dancing, drinking


    Chinos the man, The Legend the one and only the Only Big C that matters

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