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May 17, 2017
Mar 17, 2014
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May 17, 2017
    1. scootmick
      Wow! What a GREAT trip! Thank you guys for making it so much fun! Can't wait to do it again! Soon! Hope you had a great time on the Boobs Cruise! Keep in touch! Cheers, Scooter and Michele!
    2. S&M280
      Yes we will look for y'all !! We can't wait. We will be at the pool all day and boob cruise 24th. Our first stay
    3. Mamoumudbug
      We will be there from June 17-23. Hope to meet and have a few drinks with you!
    4. j&l1987
      We should be able to as long as you guys don't drink the bar dry before we get there lol!!! Have you guys been on the boobs cruise before? Fair warning Laura usually has her clothes off in the first 5 minutes!!!
    5. JimandKellyGA
      We get in on the 21st. We will be there through the 28th. I hope we can party together!
    6. j&l1987
      Can't wait to see you guys again. You must be referring to Laura lol! What day do you guys get in?
    7. lrgalabeas14
      Cant wait to see you two sexy people we miss you guys!
    8. j&l1987
      We will probably already lost all liver functions by then, we get in on the 13th!!! Will be great meeting you guys, to bad you won't be there for the boobs cruise on the 14th. You'll have some great pics.
    9. Beyond Epic
      Beyond Epic
      Hey guys! we are at TTR from 2/17-2/22. We plan to be at the sexy pool with drink in hand by 2:00pm on the 17th. Hope to grab drinks and chat ;)
    10. BarryShan
      There just last month then now back for another few days? Sounds like you should just move to Cancun.
    11. BarryShan
      We are there 13 to 19! You guys are going to have one extra day of fun. We went for the Shitshow last year, and had a blast.
    12. papychulo
      We get there at the same time you two do - morning of the 30th! We'll have to do some shots together, possibly at airport if we run into each other there, to start the festivities!
    13. islandbreeze
      Ha ha ha sounds good !!
    14. islandbreeze
      Hi guys !! We are arriving 12/29. We live kinda near u Guys . Gonna be our 1st trip!! Super excited
    15. j&l1987
      We arrive on the morning of the 30th. Leave on the 5th. Will be great to meet you guys.
    16. Vln19Foxtrot
      Hi guys hope you will be there for NYE
    17. eric ride
      eric ride
      hey guys we just wanted to see if you were going back for March this year we just booked the 2-9th,,, I know its still 6 months out but some things you just look forward to!
    18. M and M
      M and M
      See you guys in a couple days!
    19. eric ride
      eric ride
      Hey there, if you guys are like us you dont get on here a bunch after you get back for a while, just wanted to reach out and tell you guys hello and how much fun we had at ttr with you guys, hope to see you guys soon!! take care and try and be safe with all that wild OK weather!!
    20. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      M and M tells me i should press for the Boobs Cruise date to be the 19th instead of the 18th. You guys must have had a blast together. I will try to promote the idea. We have another couple coming in on the 18th as well, so double bonus if Steve changes the date.
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