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May 10, 2018
Mar 14, 2010
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nova scotia
concrete \ banking


Newbie, from nova scotia

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Fly day is here! Eeeek! Can’t wait to experience the new TTR & meet new peeps! Gonna be a wonderful vacation Jan 11, 2018

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May 10, 2018
    1. J&P
      Fly day is here! Eeeek! Can’t wait to experience the new TTR & meet new peeps! Gonna be a wonderful vacation
    2. J&P
      Booked Jan 11-18th/2018! 5th visit. Party of 2. Booked for Jan 15th Boobs Cruise. Let the good times roll :)
      1. Samantha & Trevor
        Samantha & Trevor
        Are u guys already part of our kik group? We’re getting to know each other a bit
        Dec 16, 2017
      2. J&P
        Hi, no we are trying to get added to the kik group. :)
        Dec 18, 2017
    3. Darrell-Amanda
      Hey guys sorry we didn't catch you before you left. It was a hoot hopefully we shall cross paths again some where a little more tropical than the Maritimes :)
    4. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Hey fellow bluenoser,well I'm actually an implant from Pei but my wife is a nova Scotian and I consider myself one too, so from where in ns are you guys we are from Debert area
    5. J&P
      Not long now baby!
    6. CH & HH
      CH & HH
      Thanks for the 'friend' contact. We'll look forward to having a drink or two with you next week! :daveandmo:
    7. J&P
      Can't wait! Gonna be a blast of a week! Cheers :)
    8. Darrell-Amanda
      See you guys down there.....Cruise is gonna rock.
    9. solsticeSassy
      We are going to miss yo guys this year since we are going from April 16-30th. I think our friend Andre and Lucie will be there same time as you and if they are have a tequilla boum boum for us. Dan and Michelle
    10. no regrets
      no regrets
      get your dates on the march roll call. and look for the date for the boob cruise, vote 18to23 dates just kiddin about the chairs
    11. no regrets
      no regrets
      I got an Idea, we will party all night. you guys get up early and save some chairs by the sexy pool
    12. blh902
      Sounds great. And you got a pic!
    13. blh902
      When you guys getting a pic for your avatar? We are headed back in March, are you going then?
    14. babydoll
      Hey little sister...hope you are having a blast !!!
      Only 5 more sleeps for me...can you say excited...lol
      luv ya & can't wait to compare trips xxxooo
    15. J&P
      Count Down is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!! Looking forward to meeting everyone :)
    16. J&P
      How do you find out what theme nights are taking place the week you are in Temptations?????
    17. CPL_from_Boston
      Hi, To funny we were wondering the same thing!! your putting your CC on some random site does not go over well with us!! The other thing is we hate to plan things in advance when we go away as we like to do things based on how we feel at that time!! Dont get me wrong we are very interested in the Boobs cruise just hesitant. BTW We cant wait to get down to Tmeptations and have fun and meet new friends!
    18. J&P
      HI, Mar 19-26, we are interested in hearing more about the Temptations Boat. :)
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