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Mar 11, 2003
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December 29
Daytona Beach Shores, FL
Internal IT Auditor


Mayor of Temptation, Male, from Daytona Beach Shores, FL

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Nov 13, 2018 at 5:25 PM
    1. Brian and Kelly
      Brian and Kelly
      We will be at Temptation May 28 - June 3. Its our first time there! Looking forward to meeting and partying with everyone!
      1. Jamie
        Got you added.. Welcome to the fun! :)

        May 3, 2018
        B & H and Brian and Kelly like this.
    2. Marianne (& Grant)
      Marianne (& Grant)
      We will e at Temptation on May 24-27. Please add us to the Roll Call. Celebrating our anniversary a day late on May 24
    3. Jen B
      Jen B
      We will be at TTR on May 16th to the 20th
    4. Mike&Lori
      Are you there all of May?

      April 26 - May 6th for us.
      1. Jamie
        No. :) Only 15 nights.... got to work sometime to pay for the room.
        Apr 16, 2018
    5. ptcruiser
      Hi Jamie, don't know if you remember us, from Coloorado Springs. Just wanted to let you know I lost Larry the beginning of January after a long health issue. We always missed not being able to come down to Temptations anymore. Hope you are doing well..
      1. Jamie
        Awwww Judy I'm so sorry.... He was a good man! We're doing good... still going every year.. We moved to Daytona Beach Florida.. don't know if you knew that.... again, my thoughts are with you on the loss of Larry....
        Apr 12, 2018
    6. SunFunCpl
      Jamie, I’m not sure how to post on the May 2018 roll call. Scott and Gina and we’ll be there May 24th-May 31st. Also, celebrating our 10 year Anniversary on 5/26, and our 8th trip to TTR. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
      1. Jamie
        Normally you'd just add this to the thread but I'll add you from here. We'll see you there!

        Apr 9, 2018
    7. Roy
      Hi all uk couple arriving in cancun 23rd april 2018....roy/ jules....
    8. Two2Tango
      Jamie, you have us down for May 4th, but I forgot to put our names....we are Ted and Colleen. looking forward to meeting everyone.
    9. ignition
      Hey Jamie! I’m shooting for April 30- May 7th this year. It’ll be Rick and I! Miiiissss you!
    10. JustNik
      Hey Jamie!!! I met you a few years back.. I was married at the time! Divorced now but I'm looking forward to seeing you & your wife again!
    11. CharMike
      Mike and Charlotte will be there on May16th-25th.
    12. lowrider86
      Wow Jamie... It seems the May crowd is Changing to a much younger group. Lol. or are we just getting damn old? I don't hardly see anyone I know.. Just kids... I hope they all behave... LOL. see ya in May my friend..Love to Chris Too
    13. Worcester Mass Couple
      Worcester Mass Couple
      Jamie,,, glad we finally caught up with you and thanks for the extra bracelets! We had a great time.
    14. tncouple
      Hey Jamie! it was great seeing you guys again this year.Another epic TTR trip for sure. Hope to see you guys agian next year :)
    15. CherylnPaul
      Please add us to the calendar, CherylnPaul arriving May 16th and departing May 23rd. Yes, Cheryl Is the wife and Paul is the husband, lol. We are also bringing our daughters Alyssa 21 and Paige 24 for the first time, I know, I know we must be freaking crazy! Anyway we will see you there! Paul & Cheryl
    16. Kevin_Ailsha
      We will be at TTR may 7-11. Look forward to meeting the Mayor. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing to organize all this.
    17. T&DTabnDana
      Hey there Jamie....we are tabndana....not sure how to post anything on here...we are arriving For our honeymoon..may 24th thru the June 1st.....we were there last year day after thanksgiving..had a blast....hoping to meet new friends..we are from California...
    18. Love&Luck
      Hi Jamie. We couldn't stand to not come. We're a fairly last minute add on for May 13th to the 18th. How is there not either a school girl night or a mens dress shirt night during that time? Thats so wrong! Looking forward to meeting you, I think we just missed you last year. Cheers! Brian & Pam
    19. ReshInCancun
      Hi Jamie, my name is Haresh Harjani and I just moved to Cancun a few days now and in all honesty im a professional marketing agent and graphic media designer for promotional use and event marketing and I was wondering if you may have employment opportunity that could utilize my skill set and expertise.

      resherzharjani@gmail.com is my email and 998 307 7314 is my number
    20. coachflop
      Hey Jamie, Our dates changed from May 1-8 on the roll call to April 30- May 6. You can change if you like, its not a big deal to us if you dont. Either way is fine. Thanks James
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