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Mar 11, 2003
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December 29
Daytona Beach Shores, FL
Internal IT Auditor


Mayor of Temptation, Male, from Daytona Beach Shores, FL

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Nov 15, 2018 at 8:20 AM
    1. sassycouples69
      Hello Jamie; Its our first time going in May! could u add us to the roll call from May 25th to June 1st pls. Kim & Clarence ;)
    2. foxtrot
      Hi Jamie,
      We are going to be there May 20-23 so it would be great if you could add us to the Roll Call. I already added us to the calendar. First timers....
      Brian and Tricia
    3. LISAB
      Can you lead me to a link that shows a picture of the bracelets? I have been searching with no luck. Thanks
    4. keithandkimberly
      Hi Jamie....
      We are going to be there May 18-29 if you could add us to the roll call. We'll see ya there!
      Keith and Kimberly
    5. Silly
      Hi Jamie,
      I finally added a picture here and thought you might want to put my avatar with my name on the roll call; the blank space just looks sad and that just isn't me. Thanks in advance and see you in too many days.
    6. Run (aka Capt.Morgan) & Jackie
      Run (aka Capt.Morgan) & Jackie
      Hello my friend! Ok Hockey Mom (Jackie) and I (Run) are back again this May 11-18th. Could you pease add us and look forward to seeing everyone again! Thank you Jamie
    7. Silly
      Hi Jamie,
      I was waiting for a picture but that hasn't happened so... Please add me (Pauline) to the roll call for 11-18 May with Melissa and Carole. Thank you Thank you and see you in the spring :-)
    8. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      Hey Jamie! I know I've seen you post a resort layout before that shows room number blocks etc. we are booking again for April (3rd trip!) and want to request a room # if possible. Could you send it to me if you still have it? Thanks! Kelly
    9. girlfortony
      Miss you guys! Can't wait to see you both in May 2013!!! M&T
    10. AdamMelissa
      thanks for the welcome! seems like you will be our party coordinator the week we're there in May 2013? Awesome.... looking forward to having our first visit being full of MAYhem
    11. backs13
      Hey Jamie, just swinging in to say hi. Hope all is good with you and the family.
    12. Stella-oregon
      Hi Jamie, How you doin??? ;)
    13. KELLY CAT
      I MISS YOU MR.MAYOR....Send me a message on ur next May 2013 dates so I can be sure to line up our 2 week stay with yours. xoxox
    14. KELLY CAT
      debating if I should change my KELLY CAT name on my t-shirt to POST WHORE lol.
      You guys better get there soon after us so U can keep me updated on everyones arrival and theme night costumes:) apparently I mucked up the boobs cruise dates already and havent even started drinking yet:aktion061:
    15. maclovin
      HI add me to the May roll call as well, how do you upload the pic as the avatar? I have the size correct but get getting an upload error. Will be there from the 7th to the 15th. Pic on my profile.
    16. NC@cancun
      [email protected]
      Hey Jamie, couple of questions, we are really looking forward to meeting everyone when we are there May 23-27 and wanted to get 2 orange wristbands, we are going to miss a BOOBs cruise date so how do we get the wristbands, also we were wondering what the attire was for the pool party? Being a pool party I tought I saw on here somewhere they were saying a red dress for the ladies but wasn't sure, your help would be appreciated thanks see you soon!!! Jason
    17. SexyCanadians
      Jay and Jules. May 25 - 29th
    18. Scott
      Hey Jamie!! good to see you're still doing the calendar thing! Looks like we'll be seeing you this year! We really felt deprived the last couple years..did do some other trips..but nothing like TTR :) We're coming May21-May29. If ya would, kind Sir, add us. I'm going to have to learn how to use the cancuncare facilities again. :)
    19. heidi11885
      We are trying to add ourselves to your May roll call :) not really sure how to get under specific dates! :) HELP! lol
    20. Georgia hikers
      Georgia hikers
      Hi Jamie. My name is Mike and my wife is Sherley (spelled with two 'e's). We are the "Georgia hikers" but you have us listed as "Patrick and Angela." Please update! And thanks.
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    December 29
    Daytona Beach Shores, FL
    Internal IT Auditor
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