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Jun 22, 2018
Oct 14, 2014
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near Baltimore, MD


Regular, from near Baltimore, MD

Registered Member

Headed to TTR for May 10 -14 after a brief 2 days at Azul Sensatori. May 8, 2018

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Jun 22, 2018
    1. JamieNWife
      Headed to TTR for May 10 -14 after a brief 2 days at Azul Sensatori.
    2. HoustonGT
      took your advice and signed up for the BC on the 11th. How crazy does it get?
      1. JamieNWife
        It all depends on the people. Some get more crazy than others but it is all in good fun. You will most likely laugh your ass off the whole time. I say if something is not for you, look away. No one is forced to do anything. Happy to talk about before on the 10th in the pool and hang on the boat together. On the 11th it sounds like it will be over 1/2 of the boat are first timers.
        May 4, 2018
    3. JamieNWife
      Just returned from Dallas Boobs Cruise on Tour. Great time! Hope to see lots of you at TTR for Halloween!
    4. finallyfree24769
      when will you be at el dorado SSS? E WILL BE AT hbr march 6-13 2017
      1. JamieNWife
        Sorry, didn't see this. We will be there in Oct. with 2 other couples before heading to TTR for Hotties N Hellraisers over Halloween.
        Feb 21, 2017
    5. finallyfree24769
      Yeah sometimes they have live bands at night sometimes DJ.. some people go nude not many for dinner.. some goto the other resorts for dinner.. I usually wear a shirt and my wife wears a sexy coverup or something
    6. finallyfree24769
      Yes we LOVE it at HBR.. lets chat more.. We are going back hoe March 6-13 and Oct 22-29 2017..
      1. JamieNWife
        Are you still going in Oct.? We will be at Seaside with 2 other couples. May all get a day pass or night pass and check out HB.
        May 18, 2017
    7. finallyfree24769
      Yes we are exotic members also and we LOVE to goto HBR.. we are going March 2017 and Oct 2017 if you wanna join us. lets chat more!!!
    8. finallyfree24769
      have you guys been to HBR hidden beach resort in mexico
    9. bigsexy&misssexy2012
      sounds like a plan!
    10. bigsexy&misssexy2012
      hey guys, sorry for the delayed reply. we have a USA transfer scheduled we lands at 10:45 am. you're welcome to ride with us if you arrive at a similar time!
    11. Mark&Summer
      We've notices the same thing. Us crazy Big 10 folk (Hawkeyes in particular) need to get away and party with the best. Looking forward to meeting you. Mark and Summer
    12. aaronheidi74
      We are definetly partaking in the Boobs Cruise....can't wait to get it officially booked. We'll get the place ready for yah and make sure there a few cold beverages available :) Go Hawks! Not expecting a 12-2 finish this year...pretty tough schedule.
    13. aaronheidi74
      Hello from Iowa, Jim & Tabitha. This is our first trip to TTR....errr GOS...since they saw fit to remodel and mix up our plans. Looks like we will have an amazing group of people to party with! We don't have a frame of reference, but hoping it can live up to the TTR tradition. See you soon!!! Aaron & Heidi
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    near Baltimore, MD
    First TTR trip in Nov. 2014.
    Grand Oasis Sens with Hotties N Hell-raisers 2016.
    TTR remodeled with Hotties N Hell-raisers 2017.

    We both are Penn State alumni and football fans. We enjoy; SCUBA, boating (water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, barefoot), snow skiing / Snowboarding, drinking, relaxing and having a good time with friends.
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