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Jan 20, 2018 at 1:18 AM
Feb 15, 2003
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Mexican Hottie, from Cancun,Mexico


yes, I just posted. hope to see you soon Jul 3, 2017

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Jan 20, 2018 at 1:18 AM
    1. TorontoMart
      Hey, great idea to create this forum. Will be in Mexico in less than 12 days. Can`t wait to be there and relax in the sun.
    2. jdemp
      Met you last year!! Broke 3 dang toes on back of boat ,after snorkel trip but didn't tell any one,hurt like hell for weeks lol!,,,,
    3. TCAST
      Thanks for the like we are there the 17 of Feb to the 29 hope we can meet
    4. jdemp
      April 3rd thru 9th,can't wait for boobs cruise
    5. Jules&Mike
      feb 1st -8th please feel free to add us to the roll call looking forward to meeting you all 1st thing to pack is boobie mugs oops bubba mugs Jules is the boss on this trip its her bday on the 6th a week long celebration
    6. James1
      You are awesome for doing this roll call. It is great to get to see the list continue to grow. Look forward to meeting you !!!!
    7. Mnfun
      Hey can you add us to the list to please well be at ttr jan29th to feb6th thank you!!
    8. sexy_canucks
      Can you add us to your list of people going?
      Nov 3-11
      Todd and Lynn
    9. Mnfun
      Hey we will be there jan29th -Feb6th can't wait!
    10. CarolynNDavid

      Carolyn and David will be back at TTR from December 31st until January 6, 2016. Would you please add us to either December's or January's roll call or both?

      Thanks you!
    11. dnagroupride

      Thanks for correcting our dates on the roll call. Can't wait to arrive on November 18th until December 2nd! Thanksgiving at TTR is a great celebration!! Looking forward to seeing you and Steve!!

      Ally and Don (dnagroupride)
    12. ineedajuice
      Hi there, we are having trouble posting when we will be at temptations and I posted to the thread but its in a different place then the roll call our dates are Aug 28th through Sept 1st and just wanted to meet some new people before we go again. Any help is greatly appreciated

      Thank you Mike & Christina
    13. New-Beez
      Hi Janet,
      So how do we get our profile name added to the page that shows when everyone is visiting? We'll be there 6-14 Sept and would like to get out profile out there. THANK YOU!
    14. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Jannet, Is there anyway to change the screen name. I was only thinking about login when I chose mine and well... my choice sucks for screen name.

      Thanks, Robert
    15. DavidnJessica
      Hi Jannet, If it's not to much trouble could you change our dates to 6/25-7/1 on the June roll call please! We are looking forward to seeing you both on the 29th cruise XOXO.
    16. hipnurses
      please add us hipnurses april 12- 21st
    17. Dave and Judy
      Dave and Judy
      Thank you so much, we are excited to see them but there is no rush. We are both back to work and reality has set in already...lol ...we miss you and all our Cancun friends. Can't wait to come back.
    18. Dave and Judy
      Dave and Judy
      Hi Jannet,
      We are from Nova Scotia, Canada and were on the Monday, April 28th Boobs Cruise. We had such a great time. We sure will be back to do it again on our next trip. That day you had 2 photographers on the boat and they also took photos on Isla Mujeres. You approached Judy and asked her if she would pose with your Cancuncare Bandeau. Once we were back on the boat you told us how well the pictures turned out and asked for our email address so you could send them to us. It is daveeisnor@hotmail.com Once again, thank you so much to you and Steve for a great time. You have an amazing crew on that boat. Chinos and the rest are number one! Also thank you for making this trip to Cancun a most memorable one.
    19. TylerandKelly
      my Jannecant wait to see u in feb!!! oh how i miss u!!! msssing ya ...Kellymmmuuuuuaaahhhhh
    20. DennisandErica
      Be seeing you soon, Sweetie!!!
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