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Aug 19, 2017
Apr 1, 2015
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North Texas


Enthusiast, from North Texas

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Aug 19, 2017
    1. PA Couple
      PA Couple
      Thank you both for this information. We will call them today. Looking at going in January. Any news on the renovations that are to take place? I don't even wish to get started about RCI. My husband hates them
    2. CTCouple01
      Hope to see you you both.. Texas may be where we move if things keep up in connecticut like they are? Hope you have a great trip.
    3. russians
      Yes, I was looking for "around the corner", but "over the corner" also works:) Whatever will make July be here sooner:)
    4. russians
      Thank you for the friend request. Can't wait to meet you both ;) July is already over the corner!
    5. Hoodlums
      Look forward to meeting u all!!!!
    6. Mike and Gina
      Mike and Gina
      Nice we are almost there the same time it will be our second trip. Are you going to do the theme nights they are a blast. You'll be leaving the day before lingerie night though.
    7. Mike and Gina
      Mike and Gina
      Thanks for the friend request we will be there July 19 - July 24. What about you two?
    8. ace4868
      Hope to see you guys in July, we will be there 10th thru 20th.
    9. Zac&Kristin
      85 days until insanity! Its going to be a blast.
    10. delo1311
      Thanks for the friend request only 87 long arse days till were there. :uk1:
    11. MandEOntario
      Welcome to the forum and the madness
    12. happytexastrails
      Welcome to the forum. Our dates overlap a little, first trip for us is July 15-20 so see you there.
    13. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Maybe next year...it seems most people become regulars, so i am expecting to have a great time and become a repeater.
    14. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Welcome! Gene is right, there is a lot of information here. However, he is completely wrong....you should start by looking at the June Party Planning threads and book your trip for June. Why wait until July??? Lol, Gene is my buddy and we will be there together in June 17-22 for the first time. Enjoy your trip whenever you choose...and I wish we could stay longer, but family obligations force a short trip. If you can stay longer do it, you will see some people are there for 10 -14 days regularly.
    15. Gene & Stacy
      Gene & Stacy
      Hi guys, we are taking our first trip in June. If you use the search feature on this site there is a LOT of information on what to bring and expect on your first trip and many reviews. You should start by looking at the July threads. Most people on Cancun Care have been pretty friendly.
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    North Texas


    Second trip --> June 22-27, 2016 = BOOKED
    First trip --> July 18-23, 2015
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