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Sep 16, 2014
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yup we got em!


Enthusiast, from STL, MO

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Oct 20, 2018 at 10:40 PM
    1. M&K
      see you guys at the pool, looks like we arrive the same day
      1. jd3131
        looking forward to it! Please make sure to say hello!
        Oct 19, 2018 at 2:15 AM
        M&K likes this.
    2. BillandTricia
      I am sure y'all will have a blast in August, we will be jealous that our trip is over. Let's catch up in th fall after the busy summer calms down.
    3. BillandTricia
      It's going good, the move went really smoothe, now just looking forward to this vacation to let a little loose. And yes, Tricia I and were laughing about those English guys the other day. She was singing " We are Liver Poll, tralala." Great times. Enjoy your trip.
    4. Hawkeyecpl
      Thanks for the friend request. How we can meet up at TTR with you guys sometime!
    5. GraigandsusieQ
      Oh and thanks for the friend request!
    6. GraigandsusieQ
      Looks like we are practically neighbors...lol! We live 35 miles east of KC AND WILL BE HEADING TO TTR FOR TYE 3rd time 4-16/4-23. Hope to meet you some time.
    7. vanislcpl
      How was your trip
    8. TammyO
      Hi Guys,
      My hubby was trying to help us get connected on the shuttle. It doesn't sound like it's going to work out to smoothly, as we can't just hop in with you. It was a great idea, but I think we'll just book our own...but look forward to running into you guys on the plane or at the pool! It's almost Cancun time!! :)
    9. TammyO
      from USA:
      No they would not need a separate reservation but, they still need to be included in the passenger numbers for their friend’s van. If the departures are different then they would need a separate reservation for that.
    10. TammyO
      The girls are flying to Houston from Wichita
    11. TammyO
      and they said:

      The people she is sharing a ride with must have the correct number of passengers listed on their confirmed arrival voucher or we can’t take them. If extra passengers just show up at the airport we would have to refuse. It must be confirmed in advance.

      If there are different departure dates all must have a reservation, paid & confirmed before departure.

      When you book it online you pick the size of the van you need based on how many passengers. Our largest vehicle for airport transfers holds 10 people and luggage.

      thanks for the offer, we'll just reserve one for them i guess
    12. TammyO
      Sounds great! Let us know what we need to do, do we need reservations with USA Transfers?
    13. TammyO
      Hi Guys,
      I've been talking with Spicy a little about her van trip. We can't take it because we arrive earlier (11:20). She suggested you might be on the same flight out of IAH...if so, wanna make our own Party Van!?!

      P.S. We're Kansas girls :)
    14. BillandTricia
      I (Bill) am from Kansas and Tricia is from VA. We may be moving near Scott AFB next year, so that's real close to St. Louis. We are looking forward to it. See y'all in a few weeks.
    15. Heathernsean
      We will be in cancun sept 3 to 9 but have to go to a family resort. Hopefully will be able to slip away from the family for 1 night. Prob sept 7 if we do
    16. BillandTricia
      San Diego is great, been there for over a year. The Gas Lamp is always a great time, plenty of options for fun. Are y'all from St. Louis?
    17. BillandTricia
      See y'all on the 22nd! Be ready to party on the first night. We will be new, so let's together!
    18. GnT
      Look forward to meeting you guys as well. We've got a pretty good size group coming in throughout the week. Gary & Twyla
    19. vanislcpl
      Well how did you make out with the flights.
    20. vanislcpl
      Yes most of all the Same people will be there. We would surely miss you guys. We had a blast with you two. So think about it. I know it would be tough to go twice in a short period of time.
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    STL, MO
    yup we got em!
    Mid 30's early 40's couple, dipping our toes in 1 at a time to all of this! Having Fun so far :)

    Sports, Kids, Vacations, hijinks and shenanigans!!
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