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Apr 15, 2017
May 9, 2011
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Apr 15, 2017
    1. Bamafans
      Hey guys ... Yes getting close and can't wait ! We went last year about this time and were a few but had no problems with them ! Looks like a great crowd going this time should be great
    2. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      I agree, that would suck. We can only hope they are all gone by the time we get there.
    3. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      No we have never been to DP, we were thinking about trying to get bumped over there last year but once you get parting you just don't want to leave.
    4. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      That does stink. That means you have to party that much harder so you can forget that you didn't make it this year. So when you get back home you'll think back and say I don't remember if we did a cruise or not.
    5. Bamafans
      I love mixing fireball and dr.pepper . Call it a hot pepper, and Jill shouldn't have any trouble getting AIWC'd she's a hotty
    6. Bamafans
      When the AIWC breaks out the party is on ! We will be bringing some fireball with us
    7. Bamafans
      I hate that . The boobs cruise is the most fun you'll ever have ! We will be at the sexy pool the other days we're there we will have to have a drink together
    8. vodkatonic
      hey good to know thanks for the info..i will give it a try
    9. vodkatonic
      hi Jeff and Jill,thanks for the friend request,,,,,,we have done 2 boobs cruises, tons of fun except the wife doesnt do very well on boats, so unless i find a date we wont be on a boobs cruise,but will def,meet for drinks n fun,,,mike n cindy,,,,cheers
    10. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      Sure if you see us before we see you come on over and say hi, we love some AIWC and we also make jello shots when we get there so if we still have some when you guys get there you're more than welcome to some.
    11. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      We are there the 26th to the 2nd. I would definitely recommend you do a Boobs Cruise, you will not regret it and they are absolutely a blast.
    12. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      Yes, This winter has definitely sucked. That's awesome that you guys had a chance to get away for a little bit. 60 more days until the party starts. Can't get here soon enough.
    13. JIMandLU
      i saw your post on usa transfers. Is that the way you suggest we get from airport to temptations? do you have to book in advance? through the resort?
    14. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Oh yea we can't wait ! It was 65 here yesterday and sunny. Enjoyed some time spent outside.
    15. cherylandkeith
      For sure. We fly American Airlines because the Checked bag is free. WE will be there a cpl days before you and will look for you also. LOVE TTR is tis so much fun. We are going for a week after that to Desire Riviera Maya. A bit pricy but we wanted to try it and see.
      Keith and Cheryl
    16. Russ & Kathy
      Russ & Kathy
      Looking forward to meeting you also !! We can never have enough friends !!!
    17. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Thanks so much; we certainly will if a question comes up.
    18. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      It will be our first time to TTR, but with the nasty weather we're dealing with right now, knowing a great trip is just around the corner sure helps.
    19. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      LOL; The double G refers to our first names. Ginny and Gord. But I like the way you think!
    20. RON AND DEB
      We sure did, we booked for april 29th- May 6th, it was $600 cheaper per person! We will miss the March people, but have some friends we met last year in April who were so much fun that we will get to see again!
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