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Oct 17, 2018 at 12:34 PM
Apr 23, 2014
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Las Vegas, NV
He's a Video Editor. She writes erotica.

Jeff & Yolie

Enthusiast, from Las Vegas, NV

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Oct 17, 2018 at 12:34 PM
    1. Mike&Lori
      How bout you guys??? What have you been doing this summer?
    2. Mike&Lori
      Hey guys! So stoked to see your message :) The honeymoon was lots of fun except for two days of horrid weather lol but one of those days I was Montezuma's Bitch and couldn't leave the room. The Boobs Cruise suuuuuucked. lol when we went to sign in at Paty O's Mike looked at the other people there and said "Fuck. Looks like they're lined up to board a bus to Reno!" A huge Lifestylers group from Desire. All old and obese. We almost didn't go and I wish we hadn't. You could tell the crew didn't enjoy them either. Bitching about the "noise" and drinks. There was one cool younger couple but they were from TTR. Lol I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get horny for the remainder of our trip! But back at the resort there were lots of fun folks. A group of 14 black guys on a stag. They were a gas! All from UK. I don't think we'd do June again. I think we'll start going early May and late October.
    3. Mike&Lori
      Hey you two!!! Wish you were gonna be on our honeymoon!!
    4. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      We are booked at TTR June 13-20
      Maybe we will see you there
    5. Raelynn
      Getting everything ready to go next year?
    6. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      Thanks for becoming one of our friends. See you in TTR someday
    7. VegasCpl
      Thanks for the friend request hopefully our paths cross at TTR!
    8. Raelynn
      We had such a great time with y'all too!!!

      So you think y'all will be back? It is a lot to take in going your first time there, the more you go the more crazy and comfortable you get lol

      We are already planning on going June 13th-22nd of next year...... be great to see y'all there!

      Actually my best friend of MANY MANY years, her brother got offered to do the BIG time drag show in Vegas, at the Stratsophere.....if he accepts it I will be seeing you soon! :)
    9. Mike&Lori
      Awe I hope Yolie isn't still hacking like I am! I really think it was the A/C that killed me. And all the cheap Mexican smokes hahaha!
    10. face2112
      Great meeting you too and we will be back in June 2015.
    11. Mike&Lori
      Hey you sexy things!!! Thanks for being so much fun! We ended up staying an extra day cuz our flight was delayed 12 hours and Sunwing got us a room and everything! Hugs!
    12. JnLStuck
      Such a pleasure meeting you guys! So glad you two had a good time! Looks like your Chitzen Itza trip was pretty awesome! Looking forward to seeing y'all next June!
    13. AmberB
      3ish as well!
    14. TomAndTabi
      We arrive at 10 AM and expect to be at the resort by 12. It really depends on how many flights are coming in the same time you are in regards to customs. That being said, last year we made it from exiting the plane to the transfer area in 15 minutes. The year before it took about an hour.
    15. prcouple
      Thanks for the friends request! Hope we meet you soon. See you at the sexy pool!
    16. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Hi guys.
      Thanks for the friends request.
      Looks like we are there the same dates.
      Look forward to having a beer a 6 round the sexy pool.
      See you both soon.
    17. AmberB
      Sounds like a plan!
    18. timandkim
      Can't wait
    19. Ben & Lisa
      Ben & Lisa
      You will have to look us up on the 12th. Its always a joy to party with other couples from the mitten.
    20. Ace1
      Yea, we love meeting Michigan people, current or former!!!
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    Las Vegas, NV
    He's a Video Editor. She writes erotica.
    Married 14 glorious years this June 27th. We work hard, we play harder. :marshe:

    Oh and GO KNIGHTS! GO!


    Jeff & Yolie
    TTR June 8-14, 2014
    TTR July 17-24,2018
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