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Jan 12, 2010
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I can choose my own title, from Pennsylvania

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Nov 17, 2018 at 11:48 AM
    1. Tbtb
      Nice job on the trip report. Was interested how you were going to describe the circumstances for being late to dinner. Only the involved will know the guilty. Funny thing is we didn’t know who we stood up until we were talking the next day. Hope all is good. We had a great time hanging out and look forward to running into you guys again.
      1. Jen&Kyle
        Ha funny. I think they are on ccc? But I can’t recall the name. Something to do with northern Canada? Must of been funny realizing you were the cause of the late dinner :)
        May 16, 2018
    2. Tbtb
      Looks like we will cross paths again for a few days, we get in on 4/16. Don’t forget to hit up J for the birthday present she promised and never provided
      1. Jen&Kyle likes this.
      2. Jen&Kyle
        Lol. Sounds like this is going to be a great trip! Looking forward to seeing you guys and hanging out again.
        Apr 11, 2018
    3. tandm
      Thanks soo much for all of your posts and reports, definitely helping with trying to decide if Desire is right for us for this summer.
    4. T&C.
      Hi Guys, just an FYI, we booked Nov.3 for seven nights. Also considering early May. Maui was great....but it's not temptation. :)
    5. Garry n Jo
      Garry n Jo
      When you upgraded on site did you have to negotiate or was it a set price? I really would like the Master Suite but dam it is expensive.
    6. SharonTerry
      Thanks guys for all the reports and updates on the new TTR!! We arrive October 30 for 9 nights, say Hi if you see us :)
    7. aggiemike
      We agree with honoring Steve's request to not post pics on his site but must be somewhere else you can post and discuss?
    8. Garry n Jo
      Garry n Jo
      When you were there and had the big room would that be considered the Temptation Oceanfront Master Suite that is 1350 sq-ft?
      1. Jen&Kyle
        The room we had on previous visits is at the end of the quiet pool block. Used to be called Temptation suites. Now in the new world called 'Seduction Beachfront suites
        on their website. The new suites in the new tower are the 'Temptation Oceanfront Master Suites'. Those are very pricey but sure look nice.
        May 16, 2017
    9. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      I thought we were friends on here already...I think we conversed. Anyway, reading up on Pearl vs RM as we look for option while TTR is closed. Thanks for the trip reports.
    10. Partyometer
      Yes, unfortunately, June won't work for us this year. Going to try to get back to our roots if we can get it together. But, we may end up over Labor Day, too. I've changed companies so my vacation schedule is a little bananas. But, yes, things have died down - no more worries about anyone stalking me on CC!
    11. Partyometer
      When are you two vacationing this year?? Would love to party if we could work it out!!
    12. thorington11
      Thanks for the add. I loved reading the Trip Report and am now seriously thinking about doing Desire for part of our vacation.
    13. Nathan&Sara
      Thanks for the answer as to what the outfits were. We have been to temptation and wasn't sure I'd it was a step up for desire.
    14. SunSeeker0013
      Thanks much! We too are just getting started with planning and shopping. Our dates won't overlap but hope you have a great time!
    15. SunSeeker0013
      So I know you said you've been to Desire RM. We are going for the first time in May. Wondering if they have theme nights like TTR? Thought I saw a thread on this topic but now I can't find it. Thanks!
    16. Partyometer
      "Unlikeable posts"... that sounds about right... people can only take so much Pearl propaganda before they think "I want to click the 'like' button for this guy, but I just can't do it..." lol :-) :-) :-)
    17. Partyometer
      Wow, I am hitting a low point in my life. I had to hop on my real computer tonight (not Tapatalk from my phone) just so that I could see how many likes I have per post (1.42 by the way). Then, I wanted to share my low point with you, and I thought "Geez, I need to see how many likes Kyle has per post... maybe people actually like me more than they like him!"

      Come to find out, they do actually like me more because you only get 1.18 likes per post. I really expected more from you, Kyle.
    18. Hothertscpl
      hi guys thanks for the support on the forum and really hope you like the music I play. For the pool party will probably play mainly soulful house which is normally perfect for pool side, like I say its sunshine smiley music if I cant a night slot some how I would play some deep and dirty house, I love both of them equally :)
    19. Partyometer
      Oh good! :-)

      Props on the new photo! MUCH more appropriate - and a very hot photo of you both!
    20. Partyometer
      Thinking of you two and hoping you are keeping warm in this winter storm. :-)

      P.S. Kyle, you need to update your photo on your main comments page here. You & Jen look so prim & proper in that photo... these aren't the people that I know!!! :-)
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