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I can choose my own title, from Pennsylvania

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Dec 17, 2018 at 12:34 AM
    1. ScubaSteve
      I ate 2 Tony Luke’s cheese steaks w/onions, a Guinness, and 2 raw eggs in 6:30. It actually doesn't seem that hard, but the cheesesteaks sat overnight, got nuked and sat again for an hour. They were gross and like cold rocks. When I did a practice run I ate one in 78 seconds, but it was fresh.

      My name is The Animal Cannibal. Yes the wingette part will be awesome. My wife and her little sister are dressing up and will be on my float, but they also provide you other girls as well. Friends are fighting for spots entourage.
    2. ScubaSteve
      I hear you on that one, I see the sun come up way more then I see it set. My buddies go and they just stay up all night then head down. Then it's a wonderful day of bars and strip clubs after. I normally can't justify taking off work to drink at 5am. However, this year is a different story because I am actually in it. I pretty much have zero chance to win, but I think it will be an awesome time to come in on a float in front of 20K people. Just figured I reach in case you were going and let you know who I was...and obviously invite you to the after party haha.

      ttyl man. Have a great weekend!
    3. ScubaSteve
      Hey Kyle. From reading your posts(in a non stalker way) it seems like you do lots of fun philly stuff. Just wondering if you are going to wing bowl?!
    4. Stephen&Traci
      Great albums!
    5. jeflanne
      What is your cell #? I need to ask u about something?
    6. T&C.
      I knew that it would take a while to hear back from you, due to your Rock Star status and high demand for trip reports and post. LOL. Thanks for the info, we will keep an eye on it. If you remember, we are taking the family to Club Med for a couple of weeks in Feb. and Cindy and I will try and do a night at Temp. then. We are in the process of buying a place in Maui so we will be traveling back and forth to there a few times and won't be able to travel back to Cancun until next Nov. We think we will try and get a few couples that we have done TTR with to try Pearl for the week. I'll keep you posted, to see if it will work with you and Jen. Take care.
    7. T&C.
      Hi guys, hope all is well. Jeff was saying that you know of a web sight that sends out discount rates for Pearl every once in awhile. Can you forward it to us please, don't want to miss a good deal when it comes around. Thanks, Todd
    8. Ace1
      I noticed your post about Five Falls Estate, yes that is the one we rented. Stayed in one last year in Poconos but needed one closer to the airport this year for the flyers that come in. Once we saw the indoor pool and hot tub...done deal!
    9. tony&melissa
      Thanks Kyle! Melissa and I are looking forward to meeting you both and partying our assess off! :-D
    10. tony&melissa
      Hey Kyle. ..was wondering if you could help me out. .I'm trying to get ahold of TTR...but the only numbers i can find online are to sites that do reservations for temptation and not the resort itself. How did you get ahold of them all those times when you were trying to arrange the toy parties? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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