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I can choose my own title, from Pennsylvania

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    1. cantwait2go
      Great job on the trip reports!
    2. Partyometer
      Success! I found it at - Caramel flavor is all they have in stock. I will order some!!
    3. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Looks like we are going to miss you....unless you come back in Nov. We're booked the 16th to the 25th. I thought I saw a post that you were going earlier....make sure to "report". Have Fun.
    4. HannahMac
      Holy Hottness, Jen! You are an amazingly GORGEOUS woman!!! I Like! ;)
    5. HannahMac
      Hahaha! ;) We'll set up some private classes. ;)
    6. HannahMac
      New pics posted just for you friends! Posted one in my original album, just for kicks and then started the private album. Will add to it later tonight when I am NOT on my iPhone, lol. ;)
    7. Mr Mac
      Mr Mac
      Jen and Kyle, I would love to know some of your favorite dj's and artists in the techno/electronica realm?
    8. BnK
      Sorry we missed you guys in April. We moved to Desires on the 26th for our last 3 days vacation. Hope our paths cross next April.
    9. JenNRich
      On our way home. You'll have to pm me your cell # so i can text you my trip report lol. Great meeting you guys! Rich
    10. KScpl
      Getting closer! Looking forward to meeting you two!
      Larry & Kelly
    11. MandEOntario
      what a great looking couple!
    12. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Countdown is on....we'll be sharing some vaca time. Bet you can't wait to get away from the snow either!!!!
    13. frenchnewbies
      Going be there at the same time....Nicole and Mario...say Hi
    14. JimCarrie
      Loved your post bout candy wrappers, franks&beans & nekkid ladies... well said Sir! We leave TTR 4/21 so we'll miss U this time around but let's hope for the future! N.O.K.Y.A.N.O.G.A.S. (No One Knows You And... U. Know the rest)
    15. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      We'll be there 20-28th looking forward to meet you guys.
    16. Leilani
      Hey you guys, sorry to bug you but this is the tail end of the Miss Temptation contest and I am behind in votes. Do you have any friends that may be willing to vote for me? They can vote with multiple email addresses if they are so inclined. Miss Temptation Contest 2012 Even if I don't win, I appreciate the support. I'm just not ready to give up quite yet. I have until tomorrow, 3pm EST, so I'm going to keep trying for it! Thank you. =)
    17. ToddandAmy
      Looks like we will be own there part of the same time as well. April 24-28. Should be a great time.
    18. LISAB
      There are 4 of us traveling together the same week as you! It's our second time at Temptations, first time for our friends. Hope to meet you there!
    19. aragincajun
      yes this will be the 3rd time i have gone at the end of april. the weather is great and so are the peeps. overall it will be trip#9 for me...seems like a long wait at this point,but i was just there for halloween....but feels like eons ago already:cry:
    20. aragincajun
      looks like we went for the same deal and will be there at the same time. look forward to meeting you guys....charlene
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    Pinot noir, sports, poker, gym, the kids


    Returning for our 2nd visit to the new TTR November 2nd-5th. Short and sweet :)
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