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Oct 5, 2011
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To retire!!!! Getting close!

Jess N Paul

I can choose my own title, from Boston

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Addicted for over 10 years! Jul 27, 2018

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Sep 30, 2018
    1. JeffnAlyssa
      Had it been available to book we would have! A few days later after I booked I checked again, but was too hard to change all our flights... Ugh! But!!! 2 weeks is still awesome and hopefully we will party hard the whole time!! ;)
    2. lakebound
      thanks for the request we arrive the 17th until closing . looking forward to a killer party
    3. JeffnAlyssa
      Very jealous you're closing it down!!!! We leave the 24th :( but we will party hard until the !!!
    4. nat&e_mac
      Can"t wait it will be a blast !!!!!
    5. JeffnAlyssa
      Definitely!!! What are your dates?? I have 10 days left on my countdown!!!!
    6. pvtnurse4u
      Wooohooooooo can't wait !!!
    7. Nikki&Ira
      I'm barely surviving...I'm like a kid two weeks before Xmas! Can't wait!!!!
    8. wild1s
      Less than 3 weeks now!!!!
    9. tgrlandboo
      Looking forward to it!! It's almost time!!
    10. breedlove711
      I'm also pretty "easy" when I've been drinking... ;)
    11. breedlove711
      You found me!!! Haha!
    12. HolaLola
      Will you two be down this Nov Dec or waiting for renovations? We are booked at Golden Parnassus Nov 25 to Dec 4.
    13. LISAB
      ok, thanks! Se ya soon :)
    14. LISAB
      Hey Jess, met you guys a couple years back when we were there the same time as Heavy and Kim. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I have a question, do you know what night they do the "guys white dress shirt?"
    15. CarolnChris
      Sorry been real busy with work. You can reach us at We are going back in November, just waiting on Jetblue to release flight details. How about you?
    16. Bob&Ivy
      As an FYI I am getting more optimistic that we can commit to the April 23-30 that you booked for us. Ivy mentioned that you may have someone else available but have heard nothing else since. I am optimistic committing to our trip because man I do need a vacation. If you have replaced us please let me know immediately because I am starting to look at flights in case a good deal is available. Ivy informed me that you have responded to my messages in the past by texting her. To minimize any miscommunication and to ensure I am up-to-date, I would ask that you text me directly rather than Ivy. Thanks. Bob (920)841-6901 We hope that you have been well otherwise. Thanks for working and being patient with us.
    17. Bob&Ivy
      Ya know, the more I think about it the more irritated I get thinking we won't be able to make it. LOL If you have someone else let me know but don't write us off otherwise. Will keep you posted. We need some warmth!!!
    18. Bob&Ivy
      As I said if you have someone else who is interested that would be beneficial for you go ahead and replace us if that works out best for you. We just can't commit at this time and will certainly understand if you have someone else step in for us. Just inform me if you have done so. Thanks.
    19. Bob&Ivy
      I have some not so good news. We have run into an unexpected financial crunch that may force us to cancel our April trip. We are not throwing in the towel yet and will make every effort to make it work but I wanted to give you the heads up to ensure that we do not screw you up in the process. If you have someone else lined up other than us we would understand. We want to make it work and will do everything we can. We are more concerned about messing you up. Though I would let you know. Thanks. I will keep you posted. Bob
    20. northerncanada
      We will be there Feb 10 looking to meet new people. We were there april 2015 and loved it!
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    To retire!!!! Getting close!
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