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Sep 30, 2018
Oct 5, 2011
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To retire!!!! Getting close!

Jess N Paul

I can choose my own title, from Boston

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Addicted for over 10 years! Jul 27, 2018

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Sep 30, 2018
    1. MidwestNewbie
      Is it a group? If so, I can't find where groups are listed.
    2. MidwestNewbie
      I went to the Temptation facebook page but couldn't find any November events. Only October for upcoming events. Maybe I'm missing it?
    3. MidwestNewbie
      I am and I will. How do we join the Sexy Sinaholics? I think we're the some of the days the Sexy Sinaholics are there.
    4. Vixx78
      Thanks - I'll check it out! First trip to TTR, but I'm going with Andrew_GTA who's a member and goes twice a year. Should be fun!
    5. Bob&Ivy
      LOL Gotta go when we can go. I assume you are going to be there in November. Have a great time. We will be back in April.
    6. coupleoffun2132
      We joined the closed Facebook group. But are having trouble viewing all the members. Maybe we need to view it on a laptop and not our phones. :)
    7. PinaColadaLuvR
      OMG! That is funny. Glad to see you haven't forgotten about us. We are hoping we can do a Nov. trip also. But as the story goes, that is such an iffy time of year for us. What are your dates in Nov?
    8. lpotter
      Hehe! Last time I was with a few friends also, but I'm still "alone"! ;-) Looking forward to a few cocktails for sure!! :)
    9. dnagroupride
      Boring, we hope!!!
    10. dnagroupride
      The dates are wrong! We arrive on November 18th and depart on December 2nd. We have attempted to get them changed but to date it has not happened. Don't worry we need our Jess and Paul time!
    11. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      I get seasick and am sooooo torn every time I am there and one pulls out! Ugh. Done one....maybe I will venture again!
    12. 2discreetones
      We read about the couples massage online and signed up as soon as we could. lol. Should be some fun. Looking into the boobs cruise also, we are trying to get some diving in while we are there so it depends on the sail date and visibility. Read alot about the boobs cruise, seems like a lot of fun.
    13. 2discreetones
      Thank you. It definitely looks like a great time. The people seem laid back and care free, our kinda crowd. Any advice for us? We booked the Temptation Suite for the Ocean access and booked the couples massage. Anything else we may be missing?
      Ken & Erica
    14. NTP
      We have to keep a very low profile on the web LOL due to our jobs! Sucks...
    15. Bob&Ivy
      Hi guys. Ivy and I hope that you have been well since returning home. As an FYI although it is not yet booked, we are hoping to return to TTR on October 22 and return on the 31st. We've decided that we deserve more than one vacation per year. We are looking at other destination options for the future but at this time we are comfortable with TTR. We hope to see you again sometime. I uploaded some pictures that include you. Keep in touch.
    16. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Of course we miss you. Let's have a re-do. Then again, I am not sure my liver could handle a re-do YET!
    17. vodkatonic
      vodkatonic you miss me Paul,,,hahahaha this thing called work sucks......see yas next april........
    18. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Miss you guys already too! I'm sure we will cross paths again someday!
    19. Bob&Ivy
      WELL THAT REALLY SUCKED!!!!! We are ready to go back. It was great meeting you and sharing the good time. Hope your trip home went well and that we do it again soon.
    20. Bob&Ivy
      See you friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    To retire!!!! Getting close!
    Paul & Jess living the dream

    Vacationing of course


    Sexy Sinaholics created November 2013
    WRECKING BALLZ CREW 2016:headbanger::flash::
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