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Sep 30, 2018
Oct 5, 2011
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To retire!!!! Getting close!

Jess N Paul

I can choose my own title, from Boston

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Addicted for over 10 years! Jul 27, 2018

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Sep 30, 2018
    1. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Love that.....SEVEN WEEKS. Still seems like a long time out but sooooo looking forward to getting out of the snow and cold. Everyday I keep dreaming I'm at the Sexy pool with all my new friends! What time do you get in on the 23rd?
    2. Bob&Ivy
      Dramamine doesn't work for you for the motion sickness? That's a bummer. We picked some crappy dates apparently. We get in on the 23rd and fly out in the 29th. Of course there is a cruise on both of those dates. Hopefullybtbey will add another. Regardless, will have plenty of great times at the resort. See you in seven weeks.
    3. Bob&Ivy
      You guys doing the boobs cruise the 26th?
    4. coachflop
      Hey see you on the 30th, save us some booze. James & Cari
    5. kandl
      Gotta make that day count! Can't wait to see you guys!
    6. mikentoni
      Hello fellow bikers! We will be there May 3rd thru the 10th. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

      Mike n Toni
    7. digdeep
      Look forward to meeting you see you in the pool,lets rip it up lol. Kris & Brad
    8. jimnloli
      Thank you kindly! We go for 3 to 4 nights in March. Dates vary. I have a close friend local, a Premier Member who might be able to do us a favor similar to your suggestion. Thank you for your input!
    9. loveshack
      After seeing the Pat's Super Bowl parade, I could only wish death by hypothermia on them (jk), but we'll be over it by the time April rolls around. April's in site my brother, looking forward to it.
    10. Vic&Chantelle
      Hello guys; ty for the message, but someone was mistaken and doubled us up on role call. Our dates are March 28-April 4 ... I believe we miss you; but have a wonderful vaca and party TTR style - cheers!! :P
    11. Tom&Lisa
      Looking forward to meeting new friends and having a great time again
    12. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Ah...nope...we are racing by then! We like to go end of April beginning of May. But we are usually racing by Mother's day. Maybe with the Chaos crew? Hmmm
    13. BostonMel
      I usually go mothers day weekend- so like the 2nd week in May. Last year we did the 10th-18th. You guys arefromm mid state, live apart. She's the tall red head. Lol. I'm the one always dancing and fist pumping. Always in costume.
    14. FunArkyCouple
      Haha! I sure wish we could stay longer! Look forward to meeting you too.
    15. BostonMel
      silly you've met me. Last year and the year before. And I will give you both hugs N' kisses when I see your faces again this year xo
    16. Russ & Kathy
      Russ & Kathy
      You got that right !!! Tired of the snow and cold !!
      Ready to get this party started.
    17. Bob&Ivy
      We will be there the 23rd. Will be looking for you. I have a couple tats one of which is a large skull on the left shoulder blade. This is not Ivy by the way. LOL She is the one with the butt.
    18. Sharon_and_Ivan
    19. Bob&Ivy
      You got that right. See you guys in April.
    20. MisterMaster
      Can't wait! Our first TTR trip
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    To retire!!!! Getting close!
    Paul & Jess living the dream

    Vacationing of course


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