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Oct 9, 2018
Mar 16, 2013
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March 27
Ottawa Area, Canada


I can choose my own title, Female, from Ottawa Area, Canada

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Jess & Ben coming back on April 11th to 21st 2018 for our 5th trip. We need some Cancún sun, Canada is cold :( Jan 5, 2018

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Oct 9, 2018
    1. Jim & Teresa
      Jim & Teresa
      Hi Jess, hope all is well, you’ve been a bit quiet on the April threads :) Do you know if anyone is doing the April Addicts 2018 bracelets? I haven’t seen anything posted. I’d like to request 2.

      It’s almost trip time!!!
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    2. Jon&CJ
      Look forward to seeing you sexy people.
    3. Jess_2703
      Jess & Ben coming back on April 11th to 21st 2018 for our 5th trip. We need some Cancún sun, Canada is cold :(
    4. mike&susan
      looks like we will be at gp the same week.
    5. Chelli
      Got it! I'm just looking for people to hang out with and not feel like a 3rd wheel :)
      1. Jess_2703
        You got the wrong choice of resort for sure. I would change it for either Sens or GP. But that's just me. :)
        Feb 23, 2017
      2. Chelli
        I know...I stayed there in Nov 2015. Had fun, but the crowd was pretty tame. I should have logged into this site before booking. Are there any parties at OS or GP that are open to public? I can walk/bus around once I'm there.
        Feb 24, 2017
    6. Chelli
      Thanks! I've been several times but only second time since I've been single. Unfortunately, we will miss each other by one day. Maybe another trip!!
      1. Jess_2703
        Ok. I'm not in the single range tho ! I've been with my man for almost 6 years now ! :)
        Feb 21, 2017
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    7. Chelli
      Hey Jess! are you going in April 2017? I'm there April 2 - 11. I booked Riu Palace Peninsula, THEN I found this site wiht all the hotel suggestions. Trying to get advice on where the fun is while I'm there.....
      1. Jess_2703 likes this.
      2. Jess_2703
        Yes. I'm going on the 12. Keep an eye if there's a boobs cruise going on try to join. There's alot to do in cancun if you ever went. Make some friend and go out ( coco bongo, the city, etc. ) :) Hope you'll have a wonderful trip.
        Feb 17, 2017
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    8. sly_m&m
      lol sa senvien!! c'est p-e le temps de faire la valise lol
    9. JnJPartyStyle
      See ya guys soon!!! Can't wait for some TTR! <3
    10. hottieshusband
      See you there 9th to 15th. I'm sure we'll see you by the sexy pool!!!
    11. Nada1731
      We will be there April 6-17. Come say hi! :)
    12. English James
      English James
      Hey guys! I thought I'd stop by and say I'm travelling alone from England on April 11-19 so thought I'd break the ice!
    13. Atomic Jon
      Atomic Jon
      Dropping in to say hi to a few peeps I may run into at TTR. Hope to see you there
    14. MF1981
      Oui!! pour sur ca serait l'fun d'aller une soirée tous ensemble!!! Ca me donne fail juste a penser au manger.....mmmm la bonne creme brulé!
    15. Myrtlemayhem
      Haha well I guess the only way to settle who is thirstiest is to sit down and drink together!
    16. MF1981
      On a pas mal hate aussi!!! On a encore plus hate cette annee!!! 60 jours qui reste a attendre!!!! Jai presque toute mes outfits pour les soirées!! Jva commencer ma valise ben vite!!! :))
    17. Myrtlemayhem
      So damn thirsty!
    18. Rangers1010
      Looks like we are both from the Ottawa area, too bad we are going to TTR a month apart!
    19. Kpierre
      Thanks for the like, what dates will you be there? I am going to be there from april 13-17...
    20. MF1981
      Contente de voir que vous avez decidez de venir!! On est la du 9-16 avril moi pis Jonathan aussi!!
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    March 27
    Ottawa Area, Canada
    Are we in April yet ?
    Snow make me sick !!!



    Temptation April Addict 5th trip, 11-21st April 2018.