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Oct 3, 2018
Feb 11, 2013
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Enthusiast, from Illinois

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Oct 3, 2018
    1. nasterblaster
      sexy pool....be there, April 25th and be ready to party cause there is a bunch of crazy Torontonians coming your way :)
    2. ricwhit
      We land around noon. Thought about the 26th but being our first full day I was thinking there might not be as many places to find some shade on the boat. We both tan well but it's been a long cold winter and don't want to get fried on our first day. We are planning on the 28th.
    3. ricwhit
      Rebecca and I (TTR 1st time) arrive on the 25th as well - Planning on the 28th for the cruise as well. See ya there.
    4. workoutbuds
      Have fun and we will hopefully see you out at the pool......
    5. workoutbuds
      Hey just giving a shout out because they posted the April Boobs Cruise dates and the one we will be going to is on the 28th.....hope you guys can join the fun....
    6. Tweb
      Yes we're heading back to TTR September 1-8.0, already counting down the days :)
      I completely understand the not wanting to take kids to the Ozarks. I only do it because of the guilt of us leaving them twice a year to do TTR...lol. Well maybe someday our paths will cross wether it be TTR or the Ozarks. Here's to a great summer..cheers
    7. JoeMar
      Nice report, glad you enjoyed your first trip.
    8. bigsexy&misssexy2012
      who me? I didnt drink any shots.... lol. great meeting and talking with you too, looking forward to next time. we are already looking at dates next april, and are scoping december. just pack an extra liver... lol
    9. Tweb
      Glad you had a good time. Missed a great cruise however it was very rough sailing. Never thought I would skinny dip but it was so warm I said wtf. It was me and only one other girl :). How often can I say I skinny dipped in the ocean...lol? We're heading back down in September and can't wait. We don't live in the quad cities currently, I was born and raised there. My entire family is still back in Davenport.
      We do the Ozarks every year for a week with the kids. We often think about doing the Ozarks with just us but how guilty would I feel since we do Cancun twice a year? We stay at Parkview Bay just off the grand glaize bridge at mile marker 2. Hopefully some day our paths cross :)
    10. Tweb
      Not sure how we completely missed each other but maybe next time? Did you have a fun trip? I see you also have pics in the Ozarks area, when do you go?
    11. Tweb
      We're there 13-20 of April. Looks like we're boobs cruising together. Born and raised in Davenport ( lol not that I'm proud). See you there
    12. LNA
      Hello u two! We arrive at TTR on the 15th. We will have to have a drink at the pool. A's family is from the QC area. See ya guys soon!
    13. Spicy
      Prolly closer to three or four :-(
      Guess we'll just have to meet at the sexy pool. you arrive the 12th? when do you depart?
    14. MandEOntario
      great profile pic... you both look terrific
    15. Jillykin
      Lol we live on border of Illinois/Iowa.. Quad cities. So I'm guessing 2 ours west of you??!
    16. Spicy
      uh, I guess that's prolly the whole state, so I'll be more specific, where he is buried, where his home is, where he served in the legislature, where he banked (I bank there) where he went to church (I got married there: now divorced). Ok, the home of Homer Simpson!
    17. Spicy
      From where in illinois do you hale? I, Spicy, live in the land of lincoln
    18. sweetnspicy
      ya, it sucks we are going to miss you.
    19. Beachlovers01
      Mike and Tina at TTR from 4/13 till 4/20, we have a great group going and I'm sure you two will fit right in. See ya there.
    20. Jillykin
      Yes it is!! It will be more worth it for you guys getting in at 6 also! Well can't wai to hear how the trip goes!!
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