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Feb 8, 2013
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Southern California
Diesel Mechanic & Insurance

Jim & Teresa

Addict, from Southern California

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Viewing forum list, Oct 15, 2018 at 5:47 PM
    1. Jess_2703
      Hey :)
      Yeah I've been busy as hell here. Working long hours and spend all my days at work and shopping outfit, almost complete just waiting on my lingerie one to show up.
      Didn't saw anything this year.
      Almost too late to order them I think.

      Will be however an Epic party I think on the 2nd and 3rd week there's over 300 repeaters !
      They must have plenty of alcohol to keep us drunk ! :)
      1. Jim & Teresa likes this.
    2. hoss48
      Time is ticking ...
    3. workoutbuds
      Sorry, we had to cancel at the last moment, but hey, we are going in may....hope you guys have a great time
    4. digdeep
      Kris and Brad here look forward to meeting you in the sexy pool.
    5. English James
      English James
      Hey Jim and Theresa. Yes it's a great April group, fun times ahead!
    6. English James
      English James
      Hey guys! I thought I'd stop by and say I'm travelling alone from England on April 11-19 so thought I'd break the ice!
    7. DeltaMandJ
      Thanks for accepting our friend request. Look forward to going to TTR for the first time. :)
    8. lovers4funtimes
      It was so fun meeting you and Jim at Freedom Acres!!! We can't wait to get to know you both better :)
    9. GraigandsusieQ
      We arrive 4/16-4/23 save us a spot at sexy pool!!!!
    10. Jimmy n Stacie
      Jimmy n Stacie
      Hello. Finally some people from the "west side". (In my best gangsta voice)
    11. Myrtlemayhem
      Thanks for accepting my friend request!
    12. workoutbuds
      We are looking forward to it! Well, I know its in Mexico, but can't think of a better place to start things off right!...
    13. Vlad & Kandi
      Vlad & Kandi
      We will be at TTR for our 4th time April 6-13. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
    14. Bob&Ivy
      Thanks guys. We saw them in Green Bay. Tommy Lee through a fit when he got hung up about 40 feet off the stage on the track during his drum solo. Finished the solo of course. LOL
    15. BillS
      Which day in April is your 30th anniversary?
    16. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Looks like we'll be there the same time again this year, hopefully we'll share a drink or two this time around. See you in April!
    17. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Great to have met you both. Sorry we didn't get to spend more time with you! Awesome first trip, so I am sure we will be going again, and our paths may cross.
    18. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hey you two, you leave in a few days, so you must be REALLY excited. Have a safe flight and see you on the 9th!
    19. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Look forward to meeting you two on the cruise!!!!
    20. ScubaSteve
      Thank you!

      I like the guitar pic in your album btw :)
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    Southern California
    Diesel Mechanic & Insurance
    April 2018 will be our 32nd wedding anniversary, make sure you join us for an anniversary drink!

    Boating, Off-Roading, Traveling, meeting new people!!


    Oct 28-Nov 5, 2017 Desire RM & Pearl
    April 2018, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011 TTR
    April 2014 GOV
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