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May 8, 2018
Dec 3, 2012
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southern indiana,usa
livin the dream


Enthusiast, from southern indiana,usa

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May 8, 2018
    1. eric ride
      eric ride
      we are booked the same time frame again, march 2-9th hope to see you guys again.
    2. Randy&Kay
      hey, when ya'll going in November? we are like 5 or7 to 14 Started a Naughty November Crew and asked steve to change to NNC role call and get theme nights started.
    3. britsrhot2
      10/4 see ya soon
      Just wanted to say hi! Its getting close! I'm sure u guys must be as excited as we are!! ;) Hope to see ya around!
    5. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Hello :) OMG !!! We can't wait, we are soooo excited
    6. Randy&Kay
      this will be our first one. was supposed to go in March last year but choppy water and Kay wasn't doing well that morning. should have drank more of the green juice at breakfast. 3 weeks from today for us.
    7. eric ride
      eric ride
      Never been to Jamaica to stay on a trip been there 3 times via short stops on a cruise,, we thoroughly enjoyed the boobs cruise I hope we get enough people together for the one on the 4th. And to be honest it was such a favorite part of our trip we would probably be more apt to do the Jamaica trip,if they had a boobs cruise, not sure of other topless places that we could stay too, unless it was a topless place, I know there is hedonism but not sure about any other place??
    8. eric ride
      eric ride
      Hey guys your down at the same time as us, you guys thinking about the boobs cruise at all?
    9. P-n-J
      I see we will be joining you two a few days into your trip. See you poolside.
    10. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Definitely need to have drinks !!! :)
    11. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Hi guys,
      Thanks for the friends request ! When will you be heading back to TTR?
    12. Randy&Kay
      ok first drink on you first shot on us. you like body shots right? hahahaha
    13. Randy&Kay
      We get in on 2/27 and leave 3/5. Kay is easy to spot, she will be at pool bar with pink sparkly hat on. Look for us, would be fun to hang out.
      Randy and Kay
    14. Randy&Kay
      hello there. saw y'all were going to be at TTR around the same time as we are. Wanted to say hello.
      Randy & Kay
    15. no regrets
      no regrets
      We have pictures of the hedo sign from feb 2013 But I think Steve wouldn't like me to post them. I see your friends with whatapair We met them last year did the boob cruise funny canadian.
    16. no regrets
      no regrets
      thanks for the like maybe we will get to meet you two on the 7th when we arrive.We are a fun couple that can make your last day one remember. Bryant
    17. budinsissy
      Thanks for the request! !!
    18. budinsissy
      Great albums. You 2 should try to relax a little! Lol
    19. eric ride
      eric ride
      Our second time too cant wait!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys do the boobs cruise last year? Cant wait to see the dates on that!
    20. eric ride
      eric ride
      Looks like well be there at the same time this go around!! yeah let the fun begin!
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    livin the dream
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