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May 7, 2017
Feb 8, 2015
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May 7, 2017
    1. jimandsandra
      Hey you two,

      Had a great time chatting around the pool.... Maybe we will see you on another trip in the future... Hopefully Jim's eyes had fixed themselves after catching Sandra in her outfit on Lingerie night.. ;)

      Jim and Sandra...
    2. EricAndRobin
      Hope to meet you tomorrow.
    3. playfullduo
      The countdown is so on! I can barely sleep! lol
    4. R&C
      Lol, we'll sort of. Our Yandy order was returned for some reason, something to do with a bad address but when I called them they had the right one. Too bad as it had a sexy red dress, some lingerie and our pasties in the order. Our Wish order is delayed and that has our white night stuff. So we hit the local shops last night. It's my last day at work today so I have a few days off to do some shopping so all will be good in the end. We are so looking forward to this vacation, I really need a break!! Feel free to email me if it's easier. Richard.briston@rogers.com. Are you guys ready?
    5. Bostonbilld
      you are closer to us - we will be there on the 1st - please keep the drinks cold
    6. JimandKellyGA
      Mine are packed and ready to roll. Hope to meet up with you guys.
    7. BobnTina
      Yes it is! See ya'll there!!
    8. jimandsandra
      Really, the calendar seems to be slowing down!! We were just chatting today about lunch and the fresh guacamole, while the funny is we typically don't like guacamole. So looking forward to the trip..
      1. Snapper likes this.
    9. jimandsandra
      Yandy.com - Received a red corset for my little hottie...
    10. jimandsandra
      OK, maybe there will be more than just a few left. What time do you get in??? haha.
      Just received a yandy item today. Now for the alternative red dress item... I think the corset will look best though..
    11. jimandsandra
      Don't worry, we will make sure a few drinks remain at the sexy pool for when you arrive. haha..
    12. R&C
      Thanks for the note on the forum. As newbies we are nervously looking forward to some fun times, great people, and getting in theme at night. Cheers to having some drinks together!!
    13. Popeyes&olive
      We will be there from 10 June for to weeks
    14. jimandsandra
      Hi Guys...Looks like we will be partying it up real soon! Looking forward to meeting y'all...
      - Sandra & Jim
    15. JimandKellyGA
      Awesome I always bring plenty of cigars! Hope to have some great times with you guys. We will be there on 6/21-6/28.
    16. WillLFC
      Hi from Will and Tracy we are there the same dates hope to see ya by the sexy pool first drinks are on us lol
    17. JIMandLU
      heading back to ttr june 25 2016, will that make us june junkies?
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    vacations like temptations! Heading back june 25 2016
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